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Confidence In A Crisis
By Timothy Thompson
Testimonies Faith  |  Sun - March 29, 2020 4:28 pm  |  Article Hits:186  |  A+ | a-
Can a Christian have confidence in the face of calamity? This is one of the many questions that I ask myself?
There are many catastrophes in the world today, for we are currently experiencing Covid-19 (virus) ravaging every part of the world with large economies, such as China and the U.S., struggling to contain the infection, I have felt discouraged.

My faith and confidence in God tested. Unfortunately, it is not Covid-19 that is only threatening the lives of millions, perhaps billions of people around the world. War, famine, climate change, and other diseases have continued to kill people around the world. It is at the backdrop of all these happenings that David asks a critical question in Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

To imagine that no scientist, leader, or expert can explain the current happenings in the world today is heartbreaking. The systems that we once thought were mighty and able to withstand such situations are failing. My feeling right now is that the foundation is being shaken to the core. However, during such times I have learned a few things that people can do to help build their confidence in the face of a crisis.

Do Not Fear

One of the weapons the enemy has used against me during difficult times is fear. Fear in the face of the crisis has made me feel defeated and brought hopelessness. We are sheltered by the blood of Jesus Christ and it is this knowledge that gives me power over fear. We understand there is a purpose of life after death, and we need not be afraid. We should understand that God has a plan for us, that death is nothing more than a cross over. We should do all we can to help others understand Jesus Christ, give others hope in Jesus.  If we make the most of our time and do good, why would we fear? Share the gospel the best you can, and then when judgment day comes, you'll be blessed and no reason to worry. Pray often, every day, read the scriptures, and develop a relationship with God. Read the new Testament if you would like to know Jesus Christ and the values he shared, read it, often pray as I stated, otherwise how can you know God for he wants to know you care. Do all these things, and you will not fear when the world seems like it is caving in.

We do not need to fear at such times. God has promised to keep us in perfect peace if our mind stays on him. In Exodus 14, the Israelites confronted by a calamity; Pharaoh's army on one side and the Red sea on the other, Moses encouraged the people to "fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord (Exodus 14:13). Do you feel like the calamity is closing in on you? Do not fear, for God is with you.

Run to God

The foundations that we trust can be shaken and destroyed with nowhere to run to. But we can run to God for help, for he is our help in times of need. In moments of crisis, I have found it uplifting to run to God in prayer and seek his intervention. The truth is, seeking God at such times is not easy because of the uncertainty, anger, and fear. But turning to him is the only thing we can do when all have failed. Do you feel like everything around you is being destroyed? Run to God for help. In Him, you will find comfort and a composer for your soul.

Take the Shield of Faith

I draw courage from Paul's advice to us to take up the shield of faith with which to quench the darts of the enemy (Ephesians 6:16). The battle we face today is not a physical battle that can be fought by physical weapons. Our struggles are against principalities and powers of this dark world and spiritual wickedness. Therefore, our shield must be that of faith. We must never lose our faith when the enemy strikes. It is our faith that will help us fight and overcome the enemy.

Reach Out for Help

What I have learned in seasons of crisis is the place of friends and family. God has used these people to uplift my spirit and encourage me in my times of sorrow and need. Even now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been challenged and inspired by them to hold on to the faith and believe in God for intervention. So, reach out and seek comfort, encouragement, and help from those around you when in the midst of crisis. You will be surprised how God will use some of them to get you out of your situation.


Final Thoughts

Challenges and calamities are inevitable, but the only way to maintain your confidence in the face of crisis is to overcome your fears and seek God for help. Run to Him for protection and comfort. Also, do not be ashamed of reaching out to friends and family for help.
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