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Timothy R Thompson


Have you ever wondered what the future might hold for you?

Have you ever thought of what might become of the world soon? Ever heard of the mark of the beast?

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you think of any of the above questions and more, then the time is now for you to get the answers to those one million dollar questions.

The truth is hidden from many since the time Jesus left the world and has been eluding many people who seek it with bias and sinful minds. I am constantly doing my best to get the truth out there through prophecy and revelations which God constantly reveals to me through prayer and personal study. One thing to note, by studying prophecy, you will have a much better understanding of how close we are to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

I have had some adorable comments regarding my web site from some very kind people; however, I joined a forum board about Prophecy in hopes of getting my word out of what I have learned. I know something that I wanted so much to share. But the sad thing is that this individual was a bible scroller, and Prophecy was his domain. I come along and share something that I know without a doubt, and he attacked me for this very message you are reading now. I even had a woman help me edit this message before I posted it, and she made me sound like a Prophet. I would like to make it very clear with all my heart; I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. I am not a prophet; I have this knowledge because I study and pray.

I have considered Prophecy so long that it reached a clicking point, I understand enough that helps me to know where we are related to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. I just want to make it clear that I am just a man who wants the best for everyone, but in the end, we have to decide for ourselves and make a choice to serve God or the way of man, which is deception. I did not renew on that web site forum for Christians should not attack Christians or anyone else; we should love one another. It is not always easy, but I care, and I am here to help anyone who truly wants to learn about Prophecy and where we are related to Christ 2nd coming.

You will never be the same once you gain this knowledge of the events happening at this very moment. Do you know that there are actual leaders living today, who are actually in the bible? We will tell you who they are, and what they are going to do according to the scriptures, it is all true, and there are biblical references to support these seemingly odd facts. When you study the prophecies about the Bible, you will begin to see the truth, and your heart will fill with excitement, and you will finally get to know the truth and separate the truth from mere talks and deceit of the evil ones.

However, the most important issue is the fact that we need to be spiritually prepared for the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus Christ which is at hand. I know your heart is racing now and you are so perplexed and confused. Do not be dismayed, because I have good news for you. Cheer up and be hopeful of a better tomorrow. Brothers and sister, Satan is slick and has deceived most people on this earth in some ways, there is great hope. You can break the yoke and be free from the bondage Satan has put you in as you listen to some very exciting news which I am going to share with you shortly.

On this website, my prophetic calendar, and series of videos I am going to share things like:


Many events point to the second coming of Christ, but many people cannot decipher that because they do not have the gift of prophecy which God has given unto me through personal prayer and study. THE PROPHECY THAT SPEAKS WONDERS: You will also learn that Daniel saw the successive kings and their wars, leagues, and conflicts that lead up to the Second Coming of Christ. Furthermore, you will learn that John the Revelator also saw the same eight kings in the right order. You will be able to put them together like pieces of the puzzle, and it will fit perfectly.

That is just amazing?

It gets so much better, you will also learn which of those eight kings are ruling today, and you will understand just how close we are to Jesus Christ 2nd coming.

MARK OF THE BEAST: Revelation 13: 16, 17

16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Those who take the Mark, reject Christ and will pay for there sins for eternity. I will go over the time frame of these events, and so much more as you join me on this journey of discovering and revealing truth and nothing but the pure truth as the Bible presents it. Do you think it would be well worth it to understand the truth and never to be pulled in by misleading information again? You can know the truth without a doubt, and understanding this is very powerful. And so I do want to ask you this simple question, what if you knew without a shadow of a doubt, what things were going to happen before they happen? Let us take it one step further, what if you had a list where you could check them off as they happened, one by one. You would learn the things that only those with faith could understand because this is a major faith builder.

There are items being checked off recently as well and more within just a few months. It truly is time to wake up! It takes a very humble, meek person to admit when they are wrong. Study it, and this website will be of great value to anyone who wants the actual wisdom and knowledge, the real interpretation.

The more I learn of the Bible, the more I am amazed just how on track it is when it comes to prophesy, it is all coming true. Most people underestimate its value in our lives. You can understand it, by studying it. God wants you to know, but we have to have a hunger for truth. When in doubt, ask God through humble prayer. God is in control, and he gave us the scriptures to help bring us back home, a place, we call heaven. While many may believe that Prophecy is nothing more than a chance and interpretation, they would quickly learn how wrong they are with a little study and prayer on their part. It is very unfortunate that most people and websites have a false interpretation which is misleading others, Many people are always guessing when Jesus will return or when the saints will experience the rapture. We go over this information. I will tell you the truth to the best of my ability and will never share information that I do not understand. I will show you the scriptures and tie it all together. For the most part, I will show you events that will take place leading up to the 2ndComing.

There is a time frame which is exciting. But let us not get too caught up on dates. Just let us serve God and draw closer to him. Otherwise, prophecy will serve no purpose. Prophecy is there to help the righteous to prepare while the sinners stay in darkness by their choice. We are all sinners but must do our best to become more righteous by striving to keep the commandments.

Now God gave us the Book of Revelation written by John; he saw our day unfold. By the power of God, we have the book of revelation. God is so real, and I know that without a doubt. I say to you, if we are living in the last days then we should understand that great book called, The book of Revelation.

The book has been opened, and now that it has been opened we should understand it. Let me help you because I love you as my brothers and sisters In Christ. I care, I do. I am neither fake nor phony individual. I am just a man who struggles just like most people do. Prophecy is my motivator for it is unfolding before our eyes, so the question is can you see it as I do? There are great things that are going on in this world today if you would only slow down and seek God, then those things could be added to our lives. God wants you to be blessed; he does want us to be able to partake of the wonderful fruit that is in heaven. We all must choose to learn, and if we do this, then prophecy will draw us closer to Christ.


Learn about Prophecy through Videos, Charts, Lessons, and Slide Shows, and best of all we have a Bulletin Board where you can ask questions and get answers once you have read the materials. MY WEBSITE LESSONS ARE FREE.

My website lessons are free. Why? Because I truly care about you and free was the gift of prophecy given to me, and I must give out to the people, free of charge, as well. Please do take advantage of this opportunity before the door shuts. Maximize the opportunity, by studying what is being made available to you on this website for your personal development. I have a brother in Christ (Lowell) who charges for his books and Charts in paper form. Let us face it, who can afford to ship to thousands of people for free? The charts are on my website at no cost to you as a PDF file. Thank you!


However it will take some time to understand, and by putting the effort in, the reward is certainly there. Step by step, day by day you too will climb the ladder of understanding that only a handful of people know at this time. So, I say congratulations to you for discovering this website, and it is a fact that you will soon climb the ladder of understanding, through personal study. We welcome you to our new website. Understanding the truth in prophecy is a big deal. You have taken a big step, and rest assured, we will be here to help you on your journey to greater understanding of the word of God. We will also be here to answer any questions you may have as regards the things in our materials. I do highly suggest that you take a moment to say a prayer before studying any materials and do keep an open mind. It will make a difference, trust me. Thank you, and May God be with you on this Journey, a Journey of truth and the understanding of Prophecy.

We welcome you to the Love Is Jesus Christ Web Site.

If I can be of any help, please use my contact page,

Thanks and God Bless,
Timothy Thompson