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What is the purpose of your web site and what is your goal?
I desire (Timothy Thompson) to help strengthen your testimony and draw you closer to God by sharing with you what is happening right now in prophecy and what is coming our way in our lifetime, which is Fast Approaching. You will learn where we are in the Prophetic events of our day. Please do check out the materials on this website. We also offer all the tools you need to study and teach others. Could you make a difference? That is my goal? If you want to know more about who we are, please check out. What We Are All About

I have questions about your materials, can you help me?
There is nothing more important to me than answering your questions. The best way to learn about Prophecy is to study the material on this website, ask questions on the Bulletin Board. The board here,
Clich Here - Prophecy Board

You may also contact me personally using the Contact page and even write me using my address listed on this website.

Do you do firesides/meetings in small or large groups?
However, we do not; it is my personal goal to share this information with as many people as possible. So if you are interested, study the information, become a leader and then contact me, regarding a group meeting, it is possible once this web site is complete. Meanwhile, we are refining and preparing the training materials on this website.

Is http://thepropheticplaybook.com part of this web site?

Fast answer is no. Lowell has his website; however, I know him as we work together to promote the truth in prophecy. Though we work together on some things, we do maintain our projects. We agree that we are on the same page because the truth and God connect us. You can learn a great deal from him, and I seriously recommend you study his information, order his book and chart, and use all the tools on my website. My Web Site

My Brother Lowell has his own web site which offers a book called, The Prophetic Playbook, Unveil the past, present, and future. One of the most exciting things about this book is you will learn about what events that John and Daniel saw in our day. You will learn that John saw a succession of eight kings leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory? You will also learn where we are today.

This information is real and so very powerful, and once you understand, it will positively change you; it has drawn me closer to Christ. You do have an opportunity to be among the first who know this information. After you have learned the information, please do share and bring others to our websites. Together we will make a difference and save souls. So check out, The Prophetic Playbook, and his course materials,


May God Bless You!

Why are your lessons totally free?
Jesus made it clear that everything we have is a gift freely given by God. We should be grateful for all that we have and be willing to give just as freely to others. I love the Lord with all my heart. The lessons are accessible because it is my total faith and commitment to Christ to serve him to the best of my ability. Once a person studies these materials, it will change their life if they genuinely seek the truth. I am so motivated because I have this gift from God that needs to be shared with the world. These lessons are free because I serve God, not money.

How do we know your prophetic events are of God's will?
Great Question: First, please understand that these are not my prophetic events, these prophecies come from the scriptures, the bible, and God is the source. My goal in life is to make a difference in this world. I never had plans of creating any website because it's a lot of work. I struggled just a few years ago and had many questions about prophecy. I wanted to understand where we are related to the 2nd coming of Christ. I had many of the pieces of the puzzle missing and wanted answers. My prayer was answered, and I met a man named Lowell Taylor. His study and knowledge taught me that John and Daniel saw the same eight kings leading up to Christ's 2nd coming. I know that I have the truth because it comes through humble prayer and study.

Now please understand this, over the past ten years, we have watch prophecy after prophecy unfold while most people don't have this knowledge or understanding of what is going on. It is my humble prayer that many will take their time to study this material. I don't want anyone to lose out on the benefits. Not knowing prophecy is like being blind. I care, and anyone who wants to see the truth will. How many times do men ask God for help, only to pass up an opportunity when he answers?

What's the best way to get your lessons?
My lessons are free, and they are available on this website: videos, PDF files, news, and slide shows. The best way would be to watch my videos and study the PDF charts.

Is there a proof that Jesus is coming back?
The proof is all around us. Many ask, does God even exist? I look around and see all the evidence right in front of my eyes. Science says; by chance, we are here; I say no way. You look at all the details and all the species,' and you know he exists. If you study prophecy as I suggest, your eyes will open, and you'll see. It's your choice, your blessing. Please don't pass this up; I am offering to you because I have love in my heart and because I care. When in doubt, be humble and pray about it.

Can this gift of prophecy be inserted into another person's life?
Anyone can learn prophecy, although Jesus did use many parables to teach some 2000 years ago. The sinners could not understand, and the righteous could, but even then, it was a learning process for those he taught. Prophecy belongs to those who have enough faith to study and seek righteousness. There are many called, but few choose. Meaning that you have an opportunity to learn, you have the freedom of choice. It is my prayer that you take the time to study and see this for yourself.

We know that a lot of websites are misleading people with a false interpretation of the Bible these days, and it's written in the Bible that Jesus said, be the watchful cause in the end time many shall come in my name saying..." what makes your website an exception?
If you study the scriptures, pray often with a humble heart, and draw your heart close to Christ, you can discern the truth for yourself. The truth is in the scriptures. All I am simply doing is motivating people and sharing what I have learned. Once a person gets on their knees and asks God, they can begin drawing closer to God. Many use scriptures as a way of rejecting the truth. The truth comes first by asking God with all your heart, mind, and strength. You can know the truth by seeking God first. Man has a plan, and my schedule is to serve God and bring souls to Christ.

I hope that those who study these materials draw close to Christ once they've seen how accurate the prophecies are. God wants you to understand this; otherwise, he would not have given them to us, and so, the question is, do you know? I can help if you let me. So the question is, do you want to learn?