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The Prophetic Playbook
Do you know that John and Daniel saw the same succession of eight Kings leading up to Christ 2nd coming? Do you also know that there are people living today who are in scriptures? How about this one, the United States is also in the bible. You need to understand the truth to this and so much more.

Please study so that you are ready for what is about to take place.

You will learn that there are eight kings in the last days in Iran, the 4th king is where we are at this very moment and the 6th king is the one who brings in the Mark of the beast system You may have read the book of revelation, but do you really understand it? The Prophetic Playbook teaches you something few understand and does a great job putting it totally together. It is important that you are awake before the storm arrives. This information could hit you hard as you wake up, it's that powerful.
Wouldn't it be nice to actually bring in a list of the many prophecies that will take place over the succeeding few years and wouldn't it even be nicer to pick out what is going on today. If you understand the scriptures, you know that Iran will have eight kings in the last days and the fourth king will start a war. Daniel Chapter 11


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Many of other faiths are surprised to learn that African Americans have been a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since its beginnings in the early 1800s. Many Latter-day Saints are equally surprised.

The mention of these brothers and sisters are not included in the manuals that teach church history. So this section of the website is dedicated to those valiant souls, true pioneers. Through our collective efforts, their stories will be told and their legacies will live on.

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Joel Skousen is a world-renowned expert in home security and Constitutional law. Joel, who publishes a weekly comprehensive analysis of world affairs, is also the author of books on home security, law, and government. His latest two books, The Secure Home and Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places, address the myriad economic, biological, and political threats that face families living in today's complex world. The books also serve as guides for families wishing to relocate to a more secure area and become self-sufficient. In addition, Joel is available to consult privately with individuals to design high security residences and retreats, or to develop contingency plans for emergency situations.
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