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Warning! Coronavirus The Very First Attemped To Bring In The (666) "Mark Of The Beast System"; It Failed.
By Timothy Thompson
Prophecy Now  |  Sat - April 11, 2020 4:39 pm  |  Article Hits:477  |  A+ | a-
Written By; Timothy Thompson
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Dear God! What can we do?

It is so frustrating to me to see the pain in the world caused by people who wish to destroy us. I pride myself on the help of almighty God to find out the truth of all things. I realize it is not possible in this life to know everything. I 'd like to mention a few things that everyone should understand.

I will not be using scriptures, so you must read the Bible and gain knowledge about what I share with you. I'm the type of person that believes that you should take no one's word for it, but you should ask God and pray about it, study the scriptures to gain the actual truth, which is vital to your soul.   

So, let me share what I understand to be accurate, and there can be no doubt in my heart. I ask God to help me with certain things, and some of this knowledge is given to me by studying.  I have had people who don't know the Bible that well; ask me questions like, do you know what happens when you die?

I am thinking, is this a trick question?

He came back with; you go to sleep. Of course, I don't agree with that, but I understand where he got it from, which has to do with the resurrection of the saints, the dead shall awake, be caught up first, and then those who are living will be next.

For this is not the topic, I am interested in getting involved in at this time. The point I am making is this; one can not pull one scripture from the Bible and understand its meaning. You have to study. Some scriptures you can do that were others you'd be misleading others, which is not a good thing to do in the sight of almighty God. It takes an individual who has studied for many years to have an understanding of the scriptures. Indeed, it takes years and even decades and a lifetime to understand just a small part of the truth. Can a person who doesn't have the spirit fully understand? What I do is I share things that I know are true, and when I give my opinions and thoughts, I let people know it is my opinion. I have shared many things that I know to be 100 percent true, only to receive a negative response.

Here I am sitting and writing to you simply because I have so much on my mind that it feels like it is going to blow up. I just turned 58 years old the other day, and what a journey it has been.

When I was a young child, my mother would share with me about the Bible, and I read and understood that one day that there would be a one-world government that would come to power, and that was back in the 1960s and 1970s.  I read chapter 13 in the book of revelation, where it talks about; there would come a time to buy or sell, that you would have to have a mark on your right hand or forehead. I have gotten into discussions with more than one person who gave me the response saying; you might already have the Mark and not know it. 

Ok, I tell them no, that is not true; because if there is one thing that I am good at its prophecy, however, I am always learning, and there is a lot I do not understand, it is a learning process.    But people who say such things often show their lack of knowledge, which is not suitable for there sharing something they don't understand. By reading the book of revelation,  I do understand that during that time, the AntiChrist/Beast will come to power. He causes all to have a mark to buy or sell. You must worship the AntiChrist Leader to be able to buy and sell, and there is a lot more to all this. What happens is your selling your soul to the devil for the right to Buy and Sell. It is a choice you must make at that time.

NO NO NO NO!!! Don't Take The Mark Of The Beast!!!

The Bible makes it very clear you take the Mark; you will be dammed in hell forever. The Bible also mentions that those who receive the Mark will get sick and die. For it looks like population control, my firm opinion.

So what does any of this have to do with the Coronavirus?  What does the Virus and Bill Gates have in common? Bill Gates would like to see the population knocked down to a low amount of people on the earth, not only that he is pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccine shots in the form of a certificate. If you don't have the coronavirus certificate, you would be unable to do certain things like travel, among other things, for this is what he would like to see.

Though this is not the "mark of the beast," it does show you that we are dangerously getting close to the time where the Mark of the beast system will happen. We can see the people living today who are playing out there roll, and they are in the Bible. Please study and read my other topics to learn where we stand regarding the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

So the Coronavirus is there first Major attempt to take control of the population and keep President Trump from winning the election, for there is a corruption way beyond the evil that is hard to comprehend and is pure evil. The best way to overcome fear, to accept Jesus Christ, read the New Testament, the words of Jesus Christ.

Please do something useful with your life and serve Jesus Christ, we have one opportunity to get this right, do something great, you can do it! Help me get the word out and invite people to the website; Or you can do something that makes a difference, do what you are passionate about, let's make a difference together!
God Bless You
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