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Is this the End of Time?
By Timothy Thompson
End-Time Warning Signs  |  Sat - May 2, 2020 8:48 pm  |  Article Hits:546  |  A+ | a-
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Perhaps one of the most spiritually significant years in modern times is 2020. So much has happened across the world in just a few months. It has stirred an awakening across all religions across the globe, with people wondering if these are the end times. The Internet has been abuzz with all kinds of analytics on the possibility of it being the end times both from the mainstream media like the New York Times post on 2nd April on whether this is an apocalypse and many other content creators. The big question is, what is the Christian perspective on these matters?

The best way to answer this question is to compare what was foretold with what is currently happening. Let us dissect the events based on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 21: 10-34) and from the Book of Revelation.


Jesus Christ said that in the end, the kingdom would rise against the kingdom. In current times, we have had two world wars that have changed the world every time. This year, we were inches away from world war 3, which would leave the world desolate.

Although masked by the current crisis, the hostility is still present. Countries now spend billions in developing and stocking up of weapons of mass destruction. It only takes a little aggression to wipe out our entire civilization with the current state. It is, therefore, correct to say that the prophecy has been fulfilled or at least in part.

Wild Fires

Calamities would mark end times according to the Holy Bible. In the recent past, the world has been ravaged by wildfires with South America and North America recording serious fires. In 2020, Australia saw wildfires like never before, which countless animals killed. It was so bad that some cities were clogged with smoke and left many flights canceled. Isn’t that a clear sign of the end?

Swarms of Locusts in Eastern Africa

Another notable event has been the swarms of locusts that have been ravaging the Eastern Africa region. They emanated from the Middle East and made their way to this region, destroying vast tracts of food and other vegetation. It is not only clearly points to the end times but also sets the stage for famine and pestilence in the countries affected. If you do not know yet, famine was also foretold to be among the afflictions of the end times. Calamities like the locusts and pandemics set the stage for unprecedented famine.


Christ talked of great earthquakes during the end times. In the past few months of 2020 alone, there have been over 450 earthquakes, which recorded above 5.0 magnitudes. One of the most notable ones was the one in Utah. It shook the Salt Lake Temple causing the golden trumpet to fall out of the right hand of Angel Moronic on its iconic spire. What an event. These occurrences are not random but carry deeper spiritual meanings if you assess them carefully. They all reveal that the end is here.

Social Decay

Any God-fearing Christian can realize just how bad our current social values have gotten in recent years. Now the previously unspeakable things are a common occurrence. Murder, corruption, hate, lies, and other evil things are now pretty common everywhere.

Immorality is now the new sign of coolness. Adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, abnormal sexual desires, rape, abuse of children, abortion, pornography, and other sexual sins now happen all around us, including among Christians. It is truly heartbreaking, but it must come to pass because it was foretold to be among the signs of the end of time.

Coronavirus Pandemic

We are currently facing the mother of all plagues with almost every nation around the world affected. It is one of the pestilences as foretold in the Gospel books by Jesus Christ. It stands out as the greatest of all pandemics to befall man because of how it has broken all geographical boundaries and has the potential to kill a considerable percentage of the world population. Our social and economic lives have already been changed in only a couple of months, and yet there are no signs of things getting better.


In the book of Revelation, it was said that in the end, there would be a one-world government (666). It may not be here yet, but we are all set for that type of government. This coronavirus pandemic will most likely lead to the collapse of the current governments and will automatically usher in the new world order. It is the major crisis that the world needs to embrace the new world order. Economic collapse will make existing money almost worthless. We will have to adopt a single currency that will be digital, maybe like a cryptocurrency. A microchip placed under the skin (biblical mark of the beast) will be how we hold and transact the money.


There is no doubt that the end of time is now. However, after we survive the afflictions and tribulations, we shall be victorious, receiving our Lord as He comes aboard a cloud. Meanwhile, it is time to pray and repent for our sins. If you have not accepted Him yet, this is the time. He loves you so much. He came to take away your sins, and His cross is the answer. May the good Lord be with you.
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