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Love Is Jesus Christ, Striving To Make A Difference!
image The only reason for the shopping cart is to offer some exceptional items that will help promote the documentary film; Love Is Jesus Christ, The Prophetic Events, and to help me promote this website and get the news out.

Most items are on our web site are free and cost absolutely nothing, and our literature is free for personal use and teaching purposes. Shirts, hats, clothing, pens, etc. are used to help us to promote Prophecy, and to help wake people up, Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming in a few years.
Check out the items below and see what we offer to help make your life a bit easier and we thank you for helping us it the word out.

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I Care

So the truth is I wish I could give everything away, but I need your help to reach millions of people to make a difference in there lives, can you help me?

You dont have to buy anything, just sharing with others about this web site will make a difference, thank you and God Bless you from the bottom of my heart, some people care, and I do.