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    A Glorius Relationship with God

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    What can we do to strengthen our relationship with Christ?

    One of the best decisions that you can make in life is establishing a relationship with God. The gospel is clear on the path of salvation. You only need to give your life to Christ and accept him as your personal savior. If you are sincere and honest that you want God to take charge of your life, you will get your heart’s desire because he is a faithful God.

    To grow as a Christian, you will have to strengthen your relationship with God. How can you achieve this? Let us find out.

    Prayer is essential in the life of every Christian because you get to communicate with God. It lifts your spirit to the level of a spiritual realm where you can communicate with God. He is waiting to hear from you. Prayer life can be difficult, especially when you let other things take over your prayer time. You need to build your prayer life because it is only by prayers that we will free ourselves from the bondage that Satan has set on our path. Learn to pray with a sincere heart full of faith, and God will answer your prayer. It will also bring you closer to God, and your relationship with God will be just amazing.

    Obey God’s commandments
    God wants us to obey his commandments. In John 14:15, God gives a condition that if we love him, we obey his commandments. In the old testaments, 10 commandments were given to Moses. When Jesus came, he made it simple by urging Christians to portray love to God and their neighbors. This implies that if you are full of love, you can readily obey God’s commandments, and eventually, you will have a stronger relationship with Him.

    Serve God
    Serving God is one way we can strengthen our relationship with Him. Serving God is done through actions. You can decide to participate in church functions, visit the poor and the sick, and even minister to non-believers. God is pleased with every Good work of faith. When serving God, you should remember to be humble and let all glory belong to God. This is one way your relationship with God will be strengthened, and you will have more grace.

    Read God’s word
    Reading the Bible requires commitment and Grace from God. How often do you read God’s word? Jesus said in John 14:6 that he is the truth and life, and no one comes to the Father except through him. Jesus was teaching us that God’s word is the truth that will guide our ways. Therefore, we should always dedicate our time and lives to reading God’s word. It will help in rebuking what is terrible and teaching the methods of God. God’s word has power in it, and Jesus used the scriptures to defeat Satan. Therefore, by reading God’s word, you will understand Him better. You should meditate upon his word and let it change your life so that you can draw near to God.

    Be Righteous
    In Psalms, 5:12 David acknowledges how God blesses the righteous and surrounds them with his favor. Therefore, Our God is a Holy God who hates sin. Thus, when you keep your paths straight and live in righteousness, then God will favor you. This is what makes your prayers and services to God effective, and you will strengthen your relationship with God. Let the Holy Spirit dwell in you.

    Go to church
    Going to church might seem an obvious thing, but in Hebrews 10:25, Christians are encouraged to gather together because that is where they will stay uplifted, and God will feed their spirits. Therefore, you need to dedicate yourself and Go to church to have a fellowship with other believers. This is where you will encourage one another, and as you share your experiences on the journey of faith, you will get to be uplifted and see how God has redeemed others through his love.

    It is now a wake-up call that you should pray to have a healthy relationship with God. Stay away from sin and desire to know him more, and he will lift you. You should seek him in truth, and He will never forsake or abandon you.

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