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    Brave, How Would You Like To Walk A Mile In Someone Else’s Heavy Shoes?

    I know that many times this world seems dark, like a madhouse. When you get a few people together, people do and say things that people should not say to one another.

    I work at a manufacturing company. I run a CNC (Computer numerical control) Burn table in which a large plasma cutting machine burns parts out of a large sheet of metal. When I work throughout the day and communicate with others, there is one thing that I have noticed.

    There is always someone complaining about someone else. I understand where they are coming from, however, there are many times things seem so unnecessary and do more harm than good.

    I have learned throughout my years how people work. Many will cast blame on someone to cover up their own faults.

    Many years ago; I worked at a Denny’s Restaurant in Henrico County, Virginia and I walked towards the freezer near an emergency exit door that many times is just left open. On this day, as I walked towards the door; there was a guy that came out of the freezer and he had a bunch of hamburgers tucked away in his shirt.

    He then tried to open the emergency exit door, which was locked. When he turned around, I was there. I then told the servers working the front area what had happened. I was in the cooking area and the guy approached me; he threatened me at the cooking station where I was at. He was mad at me for catching him and calling him on what he had done.

    The next day, the manager came to me and said I went beyond what I should have done. Well, the way I saw it is that I handled it the best I could, for I told someone what had happened. I understand that stealing is wrong, and I saw an opportunity to stop a thief among us. I survived his verbal attacked. He never came back to work at Denny’s again.

    That being said, there were a couple times in my life where I have taken things. It is something that I am ashamed of. After all, it is a commandment, though shalt not steal.

    No one is perfect, but that never justifies sin. I mean, I could go on and on about all the things that I have done that I wish I could take back. I pray God will forgive me. But isn’t that what Jesus Christ is all about. But we must do our part and do better every day of our life. We should keep doing are best to overcome all things that will keep us from Christ. The scriptures say, be ye perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.

    I wrote a letter to a lady in prison and told her I wanted to write an article. This article would be about placing yourself in someone else’s life, living in their shoes.

    This is her response to my letter I wrote to her.

    Tim, You could save someone’s life by talking about putting yourself in another person’s shoes. There is a lot of judgment on others for certain things or anything someone can find on another person. They put them down to make themselves feel better, or talk about someone just because they don’t understand what they are going through. I think people should be less judgmental about others.

    Tim, you could save someone’s life by enlightening others to be more considerate when they don’t understand.

    People should think about what other people go through or have gone through.
    -your friend from Kentucky.

    Of course, being unkind is wrong and we should always remember the greatest commandment given to us from God is Love. It is then that all other commandments will fall into place. Any judgment of another person should be out of love, kindness and firm. When a friend is about to do something that is wrong, one lets them know.

    However, that doesn’t mean we become judgemental and critical in all that they do, for everything has to be done out of love. We have the power of prayer, which helps us to change ourselves just by praying for them. Some times we can’t do a lot, but we can ask God to help us. Then we need to listen to that still, small voice by taking time to develop a relationship with God.

    I understand the guy may have been stealing the hamburgers to feed his family. Though I am not justifying his actions for stealing, for it is still wrong in the eyes of God.

    Well, that was over 30 years ago. What I do in this situation is give it to God. I pray that out of that experience that he learned a valuable lesson. We all make mistakes. What is important is that out of those mistakes, we learn and grow from them.

    When we learn from our mistakes, we turn it into a positive. If we continue on the wrong path, we are hurting our soul and walking Furthur from Christ and all that he has taught us. If we love others, we don’t steal; we don’t put them down or make fun.

    We never understand what a person has gone through because we have never lived their life or have been in their shoes. If people could just turn the other cheek, then the world would be a better place.

    Remember, if God, who is perfect, can love you, then should’’t we love others.

    I write these articles and share my thoughts because I care. It is my prayer that we all take the time to pray, for it will change your inner soul. So next time you want to say or do something that will hurt someone, remember that God loves them just as much as God loves you. When we put others down, we are hurting ourselves and contributing to the evils of the world. As Christians and saints, we should hold a much higher standard and remember to love God with all your heart and to love one another. The two of God’s greatest commandments.

    I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

    God be with you, Sincerely, Timothy Thompson,

    Originally posted 2022-01-01 06:47:00.



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