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    Brave Pastor says the COVID-19 VACCINES will kill you… “Don’t get them!!!” Date: 3-22-2020

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    Date: 3-22-2020

    Brave Pastor says the COVID-19 VACCINES will kill you… “Don’t get them!!!”

    As people were going to the hospital for flu-like symptoms, they received the vaccine, which was the Coronavirus. So now the cameras were ready to film it as they died in the streets so that you could see it.

    Remember, their idea was to panic the world, and I’ll share with you the information that President Trump received, and this explains why Donald Trump didn’t go along with some of the things that they wanted him to do.

    I’m giving you information from people who know what’s going on.

    Okay? Now, as I give you this information at the end, the dire warning is this. No matter if you have flu-like symptoms,

    Do Not Take Any Vaccines.

    I’m telling you this now, and this is from the Lord. If you have a flu-like sign, get some flu-like medicine and get some rest, and you and your body will heal from that. Do not take any vaccines. If you receive the vaccine, the Coronavirus is in the vaccine, not in the symptoms.

    Okay? For you guys, you do not understand that we are in the middle of a revolution. I know you don’t understand this because the Lord has put me in a position to deal with a certain amount of people who understand and know what is going on.

    This operation is an intelligence operation that began by 200 generals, secret and secret service officers. Okay? It started because of what happened on 9/11. In 2001, 200 generals got together and said enough, okay? So the operation had begun to overthrow the corrupt Government. To stop child pedophilia and the many things that were going on around the world.  

    How does this connect to the Virus? First of all, President Trump is aware of this and is putting a stop to it the best he can.  

    They tried to implement a pandemic that would panic the whole world. To cause a pandemic, you first have to get people sick. How do you get people sick? You have to implement something in the air that causes flu-like symptoms. The designated spot to do this was in Wu Han, China. They set off 5g in enormous capacity in Wu Han, China, which caused the area’s people to get flu-like symptoms.

    Twenty-six scientists said, “Do not conduct 5g in that area because it will cause flu-like symptoms,” as people were going to the hospital for flu-like symptoms, and they received the vaccine, which is the Coronavirus. So the cameras were ready to film it as they died in the streets or wherever they were so that you could hear about it in the news. 

    Now, remember their idea was to panic the world. I’ll share this information that President Trump received. That’s why Trump didn’t go along with some of the things they wanted him to do. But recently, 600 people were arrested that worked with a corrupt government called this deep state. They were all arrested, 600 people. Because of those arrests, they felt that Donald Trump was going too far because he wanted to go after the deep state and eliminate the corruption. They are the corruption and now are running scared and will stop at nothing to stop Trump.    
    So, they decided they would increase the speed of what was going on and release a virus. So you see, all of a sudden, it was here and a little there.

    Then all of a sudden, many things had to shut down. Because of this, 600 arrests. Okay? A very corrupt people. So, Trump was aware of this plan of ‘one’ through ‘ten,’ and I’ll share this with you.

    1. The goal of these people to set forth, to release the Virus.
    2. Hospitals to get overwhelmed in a matter of two weeks.
    3. People will panic and make store runs.
    4. Sporadic looting will incur.
    5. Stock markets will plummet and tank.
    6. People, Patriots, will not listen to the president, but rather politicians saying that the president’s fault will be pushed through the media.  

    And this will cause number ‘Three’ to increase, which is the sporadic looting, and also number one to increase, which means they will continue testing people, and the names of people with the Virus will increase, not raised, for they will tell you that you have the Virus.

    The first responders will be overwhelmed, and the death rate will climb not a lot but enough to repeat numbers one, two, and three.

    So this is their plan; president Donald Trump got a hold of this through a military secret service officer. Another round of test, it says other round tests conducted. This process will continue to increase until there’s panic throughout the whole world, for they wanted to cause fear. And they wanted Donald Trump to test everybody, and they were going to bring FEMA in and check everybody, right?

    By testing, they would say, oh, all these people have it. Right? And that would cause more panic. So Donald Trump said, ‘No,’ we’re not going to have a test; if you feel you need testing, you can go here or there.  

    Because he said that he wanted it monitored, he knew what they were trying to do. They were trying to align people up, get them tested, and these were the same people working for FEMA, which came into action under Obama, and Hillary would have said, some people now have the Virus. And so, therefore, we have to bring in the vaccine, which would have caused deaths. So, Trump is smart because he’s not in this alone, and there are 200 people behind him, and they said, no, we will not get people tested.

    You shouldn’t get tested because Trump knows that the symptoms are not the disease.

    Okay? The vaccine is the disease. Okay?

    Now they had to sell it, so to push this, they pushed it through the media, and if you notice 24 celebrities have gotten the Virus, they came forth and stated that they have the Virus. They don’t have the Virus. Okay? They’re doing this to push you to go out and get tested so that you will get the vaccine.

    They’re using the celebrities to get the public to be aware, to begin the process. They’re using the media to set you up. Okay?

    Tom Hanks does not have the Coronavirus. Shaquille O’Neal does not have the Coronavirus, okay? But the media, which the Illuminati own, is using this to make sure that you go out and get tested and then make sure that you get the vaccine. Because when you get the vaccine, you will die. Okay? Because the Virus is in the vaccine.

    Other News:
    1. Trump is taking this opportunity to go after the corruption in our Government. Arrests are being made and will continue until the fraud against humanity is held accountable. The Mass Arrest has started with the smaller fish leading up to the big players, which has already begun. Trump could declare martial law in some areas where there is Mass arrest taking place. So stay calm; we will pull through this.  

    2. Wal-street has nothing to do with the United States and is about to be eliminated. Back in the 1960s, John Kennedy warned the American people about a takeover of our money system and was murdered.

    Donald Trump is about to shut them down “Wal-street” while we are in a state of emergency, which means things will be getting better soon if Trump has his way, but make no mistake about it; this is a tough fight.   

    Let us pray for our President that Donald Trump will be successful and remove the corrupt Government that has destroyed our way of life. I pray things will get better and that many will wake up to the things that are going on behind the scenes.

    If you receive this handout and it lights up your soul, I hope that you will help me warn others about what is happening. We can make a difference if we speak out. This information was not created to start fear, but it keeps you informed of some vital information.  Fear is of the Devil; if we have faith and trust in God, we have no reason to fear. I share this because I care, and if you would like a hard copy, please drop me an email, and I will respond ASAP. I will also include other information if you wish.

    We know that the 2nd coming of Christ will bring us peace for those who accept the savior; thank you, Jesus.

    May God Bless you! Sincerely;
    Timothy Thompson

    Originally posted 2021-06-05 14:40:52.


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