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    Do You Understand, There Is Real Hope and Love In Jesus Christ?

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    Jesus Christ Came To Bring Us Hope.

    One of the greatest gifts that God has given to us is hope. After all, His promises are designed to inspire hope. With hope, we look at any situation and know that regardless of how impossible or difficult it appears, Jesus Christ will come through, which is the essence of hope.

    But honestly speaking, the challenges we go through mostly in these tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic sometimes seem overwhelming. These difficult moments often try to rob you of your hope and move you from the limited hope to despair.

    But with God, that does not have to be the case.

    Today I was hoping you could keep your head high motivated by the hope and faith that dwells within you. I want you to understand the true meaning of hope and not just that; walk in the victory associated with hope.

    You have to keep in mind that there is a difference between the dictionary meaning of hope and the biblical meaning of hope. In the dictionary, the general definition of hope is a feeling of expectation, a wish, or a desire for something to happen. When it comes to the bible, the definition of hope is a step ahead. It is the expectation with certainty that God will do as He has promised. The difference is visible; one is a wish while the other is a guarantee or certainty. The book of Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is confidence in what you hope for and assurance about what you do not see.

    Therefore, you cannot hope unless this gift is joined together with faith. Typically you have hope because you have faith within you, and you have faith because you also have hope. What separates the general hope and the biblical hope is “The God Factor.” Our hope should be based on what Jesus Christ is and nothing else. If Christ is not the object of hope in you, then you do not possess the true biblical hope because your certainty has been erased. Without that, your hope is just a wish.

    Your hope might be fading away and is in its last kick, but do you know that even God started in the least way possible- an embryo in a virgin. Through prophet Isaiah, God said a virgin will conceive and bear a child who will be named Immanuel “God with us.” Therefore, God started fulfilling His promises the moment a child Jesus was conceived out of wedlock.

    God started fulfilling the hope of His followers in a way that they did not comprehend and recognize. Incredibly, He is also fulfilling your promises only that our desire for worldly things has almost blinded us.

    As we come to faith in Jesus, His work starts to grow in us. Jesus Christ made it clear that we must be born again, and when we believe in Him, the Holy Spirit shall overshadow us, dwell in us, and give us a new life. Just as Christ promised, He came to live within us.

    A friend of mine once told me that, “Jesus could be born 1,000 times, and it would do me no good unless he is born in me.” The hope that Jesus Christ gives to the world will not be effective in us unless we accept Him as our true hope. Therefore, let Jesus live in you! A short story inspires me, and I hope it will revive the hope within you.

    A young boy from a village decided to move to the city, searching for a job to support his family. He applied for a job in a big company. After a few days, he was called for an interview. Luckily, he passed all the tests, and the hiring manager congratulated him, “Congratulations, you are hired! Give me your personal details for further processing and ensure that your bike is in good condition since you will be traveling a lot to deliver to our customers. “Unfortunately, I don’t have a bike with me”, the boy replied. You cannot get this job without a bike. Too bad, you can leave now. That’s the response he got from the hiring manager.

    The boy left without knowing what to do next. He had little money left to buy food for the next few days. But, he was determined to secure a job with no intentions of going back to the village. He was confident that he would definitely find a job. While he was still thinking of where to go next, he came across the main vegetable market in the city. An idea crossed his mind: he can buy vegetables from the market with the little money left and sell them door to door by walk. It turned to be a great idea, and by the end of the day, he had sold all the vegetables and made a good profit.

    This built his confidence, and every morning he would go to the market, buy fresh vegetables walk door to door, selling them until he finished his stock. This continued well, and within years his business had developed well, and soon he was among the top food chain retailers.

    Years later, one of his friends paid him a visit to his big house and found many cars parked in his garage. His friend asked him, “You have a good collection of cars, and do you have any bike collections?” The man said he had never bought any bike for himself, and when asked why his response was amazing, “If I had a bike with me, I wouldn’t have had these cars.”

    This story teaches us that not to lose our hope if we want something and never get it. Continue with your hard work believing in God, and He will see you through. You do not know what destiny has in store for you. Always believe in yourself and never lose hope. Let Jesus dwell inside of you, and he will always rekindle your light of hope when you are at your least.

    We have a promise that God has assured us, confirmed by His son Jesus Christ and sealed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything that God has promised us will come true, and Jesus will finish the work that He has begun. The good thing is that our hope is beginning to bear fruit and what I can assure you is that all promises will be fulfilled, maybe not in the way that you expect but in the way that God has planned. Do not give up on Jesus, just like the way He has not given up on you!!

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