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    Emergency Preparedness: How Ready are You?

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    There is no doubt that there are difficult and dangerous times looming over the horizon for the United States of America. They spell out misery and ruin for those who are not properly prepared for such a disaster. It is easy to put off thinking of your family’s survival or plain procrastinate, thinking that you’ll worry about it another day, but when the time comes, you need to be vigilant and properly prepared to deal with any eventuality if survival is your goal; otherwise, you have little hope. How prepared are you and your family to deal with the destruction wrought by earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes? What about nuclear disasters such as a damaged nuclear power plant or radioactive fallout from a nuclear attack?

    Though many are not aware, it is becoming clearer that the United States of America is about to face a nuclear crisis of dramatic proportions. According to the research of renowned political scientist, survival expert, author, and Vietnam War Veteran, Joel Sousken, the United States of America is facing the looming threat of a nuclear attack, most likely to occur sometime in the 2020s to the early 2030s at the latest time. Unfortunately, that means that an attack could occur within just five years from now, so you need to start preparing right now if you want to have any hope of surviving the swiftly approaching disaster. Thankfully there are many crucial steps that you can begin taking right now to ensure the continued safety of you and that of your loved ones when this awful disaster occurs.

    So, what items and supplies will you need to survive such a devastating disaster effectively? The first and most important is undoubtedly your own private, hidden, and secure nuclear fallout bunker, and this should be constructed under the ground. It should act as a stockpile for your food and survival gear, as well as a fortified home. Without a well-built nuclear fallout shelter, you will be exposed to the extreme dangers of radiation poisoning, making survival unlikely, if not impossible. Your shelter and disaster plan should remain completely secret; don’t let anyone know about it unless they very trustworthy friends or close family. You don’t want anyone raiding your valuable stockpile of supplies or taking your bunker for themselves when you and your loved ones need it the most.

    Your shelter should be well-stocked with the finest survival gear that you can find, as well as long-lasting, non-perishable goods such as canned or dried food, honey, jerky, canned soup and vegetables, dietary and vitamin supplements, and dehydrated milk, to name a few simple foodstuffs ideas. After all, you may need to spend years in this bunker, so it’s necessary to have enough long-lasting food and clean water to keep you supplied for quite some time. In addition, a medical kit containing bandages, tape, analgesics, simple surgical tools, disinfectants, and other home medical supplies is a must. Without access to a hospital, it is straightforward for a small wound to turn into a serious infection, so medical care is of the utmost importance.

    Protective gear and defensive supplies are crucial to survival. Thus your shelter should be stocked full of the best and latest in protective survival gear. This can include gas masks, hazardous materials suits, firearms for hunting and personal protection, ammunition, some heating and or ventilation system, a Geiger counters to test radiation levels, flashlights, candles, matches, lighters, fishing poles, tackle, and gear, as well as an ax for chopping wood, survival knives, a compass, a radio, preferably a CB radio so you can keep in contact with other survivors if you so desire. You also want to stock up on winter and summer gear, including thick jackets and snow boots, matches, lighters, candles, and fuel such as propane, kerosene, and gasoline. Water purification tablets are an important addition to your stores, as are air filtration units.

    Your bunker itself should be located in the countryside, as far away from other people as possible, preferably deep in the forest or mountains. It should be constructed of thick and resistant concrete and built under the ground if you want your shelter to be effective. Above ground, shelters are very conspicuous, easily noticed, obvious targets for thieves, and easy to damage. Underground structures are not only much stronger and far more secretive than above-ground buildings, but they also have the added benefit of the earth itself, protecting them as well. The bunker itself is your most important survival tool, so it should be constructed with the utmost care and detail yet be tough enough to withstand a hostile nuclear attack or a natural disaster.

    Make sure to keep your shelter a secret from everyone that isn’t directly involved in it! Draft a survival plan and go over it with those people that you trust enough to include. Keep the plan and the location of your bunker a secret, lest others get into it first, and make off with your supplies. Keep your survival plan up to date and change it if it seems necessary. Without a solid plan and a strong, well-built, and well-stocked bunker, the chances of surviving the coming nuclear catastrophe are quite grim. If you let the location of your bunker slip, others could try and take it and use the supplies to their advantage.

    So what are the best ways to stay vigilant and prepared for any unforeseen and upcoming disasters? The best way to train yourself and your body for survival after a deadly attack or disaster is to test your limits by isolating yourself from society and learning to do things yourself, such as hunting, fishing, and making fire. To most closely simulate a real survival situation, you should do this training in remote or inhospitable places that can most accurately represent life after a major calamitous disaster. This can vary depending on where you live, but some good places to camp by yourself and learn some survival skills firsthand are deep in the forest, up in the mountains, or out in the desert. Learning to master these inhospitable terrains and locales will help enormously when you are thrust headfirst into a life or death survival situation. Breaking out of your ordinary habits and challenging your body and mind with the rigors of survival on the bare essentials is one of the best steps you can take to ensure that you are both physically and mentally prepared to deal with tough survival conditions following the attack to come.

    You may be thinking to yourself that this is a great deal of work and put off creating a survival plan. Maybe you keep procrastinating and tell yourself that you’ll build the bunker next year, but the truth is that an attack of devastating proportions is about to hit the United States. If you and your family are not ready, then your survival chances survival is unlikely. So don’t procrastinate! If you haven’t got a survival plan drafted up, then do it!

    Everyone involved in your plan should understand where they must go in the event of an emergency. So start gathering supplies together and building your shelter right now! You do not know when or how soon you will need it, and it’s far better to be safe than sorry, especially in such a life or death situation. So do it for yourself, your loved ones, your family, your close friends, and your children. If you act now, you may be able to save not just your own life but theirs as well.

    I have shared with you and presented some survival advice, but now is the time to put that knowledge to practical use. For the sake of your life and that of your family, do not wait to get prepared for this coming disaster; start planning and stockpiling your resources right now so that when a disaster does occur, you don’t find yourself caught unprepared. So if you want to survive the coming danger, make sure to build a strong, concrete, underground bunker and keep it stocked with enough food and clean water to last the occupants an extended amount of time: stockpile fuel, ammunition, hunting gear, and medical supplies. You want yourself and your shelter to be equipped to handle any eventuality. So train yourself, go into the wilderness and hone your survival skills, and please remember to make sure that you keep your shelter and your disaster plan completely secret from anybody who is not a part of it!

    If you follow these survival tips and this disaster advice, you have a solid chance of surviving the coming nuclear catastrophe, so don’t waste any time! Get to work right away and stay prepared! Your life and the life of your family will depend on it.

    My advice, as always, would be to pray about it; it’s so important to be proactive.

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