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    EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, How ready are you?

    Life is the name of changes, miracles, and unexpected happenings. If there is stillness in something, we can’t consider it a living one. Similarly, these happenings and modifications can be useful for someone, or it can be their worst nightmare. No one knows when or where an unknown situation will take place.  This factor of life indicates the unexpected happenings which can happen anytime in one’s life, and if they are damaging to someone, we call it an EMERGENCY. Every one of us should be prepared for unexpected happenings because only the one who makes himself for something can triumph over it. Emergency Preparedness is the steps taken in advance to tackle an unexpected situation that will be damaging to our life.

    Everyone should be ready to survive an emergency both physically and mentally. Mental Preparedness is the development of nerves of one’s mind to deal with a crisis that can be done by some training exercises or by thinking of the worst situation in your account and getting an image of how you would react to strengthen nerves.

    Emergencies can be of various types, and It can be a medical one that includes heart failure, brain stroke, etc. It can be a nuclear attack or a natural one, including earthquakes, lava eruptions. It can be a fire in a forest or land sliding in an area. Every unexpected situation in the normal life cycle and threatening one’s life is an emergency for himself/herself. Disaster management should be included in the routine practices of every person.

    The situation can be of any type, and everyone should understand the necessary steps and be ready. To be prepared for an emergency, one should be familiar with the significant risks and have a response plan ready for action. The response plan must be sufficient to suffer from a minimum or even no damage. So, let’s talk about the response plan.

    If you have a response plan, it will make the situation less stressful and will save time. Think of an emergency in which your phone is not working, and you have to contact your wife; if you have a plan for this situation, you will be clear about what to do! Similarly, making a response plan before time will benefit you in a real-life situation. The first and foremost thing is your mental ability to deal with the situation at hand, called mental Preparedness, as mentioned above.

    Now the next steps refer to physical Preparedness. You should have a medical kit at home for first aid, which plays an essential role in saving one’s life. While preparing a piece of medical equipment, keep in mind all the members of your family. Knowing about someone’s medical requirements is also crucial for saving his life. So, everyone should have a medical card in his/ her pocket or phone or anything mentioning his/her medical requirements, which includes blood group, allergies, and first aid medicines. The other factor which will play its role in an emergency is a supportive network.

    One should have complete contact information so that they can contact them in an emergency.  Another factor worth mentioning is the awareness of essential contacts, including ambulance, fire brigade, or anti-terrorism squad phone numbers. Contacting them as soon as possible helps to minimize the risk factor. If you have mobility limitations or some other issues, call for help and tell them your concerns. Getting regular updates about the current situation and remaining in touch with your friends and family is also necessary for risk management. These are the steps that one should take.

    The houses and buildings should have precautionary measures for an emergency. The proper exits in every building are crucial for evacuation. Appropriate fire alarms and water showers must be included in the design of every building or house. So, these are the essential parts of a response plan.

    During an emergency, one must ensure that he/she is safe first of all and everything is okay with him/her. Then he/she moves on to help others. Helping others is the only way to get others out of the situation and to save them. One must be aware of how to deliver help to others, keeping himself safe from the case. One must follow the instructions given by rescue officers or by government officials as they will help a great deal in an emergency.

    Proper training exercises at the school level should be carried out, and the use of 911 should be taught to everyone, including children. Everyone should be prepared for any emergency at any time and must be willing to save others as well. This is the only way to live a life in which humans are expected to live in this unexpected world.

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