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    End Time Warning Signs

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    End Time Warning Signs

    The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, changing our entire way of life. One may wonder, has God forgotten about us? Are we being punished? But the answer, according to the scriptures, is no. This calamity and many other problems we are having were foretold. They are the warning signs of end times as prophesized thousands of years by men of God and even Jesus Himself. Before you start thinking this is another conspiracy theory, let’s examine the facts.

    Great Tribulations (Luke 21:10-34)

    When Jesus Christ talked about the end of time and His second coming, the disciples asked Him how they would know. Our Lord goes ahead to give the signs that will point towards the end. These great days of tribulation were to be marked by social degradation, calamity, and war.

    Haven’t we seen nations rising against nations? The hostility between countries right now has set us up for unprecedented devastation. Before the current pandemic, you might have noticed just how nations were turning against each other. At the beginning of 2020, we were at the brink of world war three, and that means one thing, the end is nearer than we thought.

    Calamities like the current coronavirus pandemic are clear signs that we as Christians need to be ready. As you can notice, no one has been spared, and with the current rapidly rising number of cases, you can only imagine how many will be lost. It is not just a common disease when over 6000 people die within 24hours. This virus has the potential of wiping out more than half the world’s population before it is controlled. Life is never the same again.

    We have also had an increasing number of significant earthquakes, with the first quarter of 2020 alone reporting over 456 earthquakes of a magnitude of 5.0 and above around the world.

    Our Lord said there would be famines and pestilences in the end times. Isn’t that what the world has faced in the recent past? You, of course, have seen or read about it, children dying of hunger in some places. As the coronavirus continues ravaging the world and thus limiting production, we will not be spared from the famine. Money may end up becoming useless.

    Persecutions by both the authorities and people close to us were also foretold. How many a time have you felt attacked by your confession of faith in Christ. There has never been a harder time to be religious than now, and it will only get worse.
    Social Degradation

    You may also have noticed that the rot in society has risen. It was foretold from the gospels and book of Revelation that, in the end, there would be unraveling of the social fabric. Racial hatred, hate, lies, murder, corruption, the estrangement of family members, and many other problems have become a norm today that they don’t bother us.

    Immorality has gotten to an all-time high. Sexual pervasion, evil temptations, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, abortion, sexual abuse, and many other issues happen around us every day. If it does not hit you as a clear sign of the end, you need to take a step back and examine what God intended for humanity first and then compare.

    Alcohol addiction and drug abuse are currently at an all-time high. Gone are the days when drug abuse was for the bad kids; everyone now does the innocent it from parents to children, and the bad, no one is spared.
    One World Government (666)

    David Rockefeller said that all we needed was a single major crisis, and all nations would accept a new world order, and as you can see with the current COVID19 pandemic, we are only inches away. This crisis has changed the balance of world power. A few months from now, when most countries would have been brought to their knees, all it will take is a proposition that the political governance of the world is centralized.

    The new world order has been on the table for a long time now. There are groups of people, including the Illuminati, members of the Deep State, and other organizations working towards that goal. They work in the shadows, and their existence is often just a rumor or part of conspiracy theories while they currently control a significant portion of our lives. The current pandemic allows them to take over the world.

    As prophesied in the book of Revelation, a one-world government will mean our economic, political, and social way of life is changed. As individual country currencies become useless, carrying of implanted chips will be the foretold mark of the beast.
    It Must Come to Pass

    As Jesus Christ said, heaven and earth can pass away, but His words will remain (Luke 21: 33). That means it has to happen, and it is happening. He said we must persevere these great tribulations as they will usher in His second coming. We are only left with the great signs in the sun, moon, and stars, and then the son of God will come riding on a cloud.

    However, there is hope amid this turmoil. If you hold on to the cross, you will receive the ultimate prize when our Lord and Savior come back. There is an opportunity for you to get back to his fold through repentance if you were getting lost. He still loves you. If you die, do not be afraid, for the dead shall be raised when He comes back. The word of God says that blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on (Revelation 14:13). You are God’s treasured population, and these trials and tribulations of the end times shall end.

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