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    Fear Not; I am with you; let fear not overcome you!

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    We all experience fear at one point in our lives. The fears we encounter can either be big or small and may affect our lives in one way or the other. The truth is that sometimes the concern that we have can rob us of many things, including peace and joy. Some fears are even more dangerous to our lives since they prevent us from becoming what our Heavenly Father predestined in us, and, therefore, we do not live according to our purpose here on earth. The good news is that God has instructed us not to fear, for He is with us, and He will strengthen us if we put our hope in Him (Isaiah 41:10)

    Without a doubt, fear is one of the most common emotions that we experience, and most of the time, it protects us from danger.

    We are all born with one or two kinds of fears, such as the fear of loud noises, but we start developing other concerns as we grow up. Some fears are beneficial, but others usually work against us. The wrong situations can cause us significant physical and spiritual damages. Some of the injuries that fear brings in our day-to-day life include nervousness, an upset stomach, increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, paleness of the skin, lack of contentment, and unhappiness. Some of these damages are serious and devastating.

    As stated earlier, some fears are reasonable while others are bad, and the latter causes devastating effects in our lives. The fear of God is particularly very essential since it helps us serve God with truth and faithfulness. The fear of God will help us obey his commands and become inclined in His ways by departing that which is evil (Proverbs 16:6). This fear prevents us from displeasing God and is the beginning of all true wisdom, according to Proverbs 1:7. The Bible commands us as believers of Christ to always give God true worship with reverence and awe ( Hebrews 12:28). The other kind of fear that is beneficial is the one that protects us from harm, and it is a God-given emotion. The fears that protect us from damage may include the fear of sickness, which makes us observe good health habits. Again, the fear that makes drivers and other machine operators act more cautiously, the fear that makes us prepare well for exams, the fear of high places, and the fear that makes us handle hot stoves carefully. These fears are essential since they help preserve lives, so it is right to have them.

    However, the devil uses the wrong fears to cripple our purpose in life and rob us of peace of mind. This fear causes us to make foolish decisions and keep us from doing something beneficial to us. The devil inflicts on us this kind of fear to make our lives miserable and out of God’s will. This fear makes us lose our faith, and we start living a life that is unfulfilling with no peace or joy. Fears may include fear of the unknown or fear that we might get crippled in the future, or fear that others will judge us for doing something in a certain way. This kind of fear affected my life for quite a long time until I decided to end it.

    When I was growing up, I had a fear that affected my life negatively for a long time. I had a great fear for the unknown and what people would say about me, to be precise. It gave me anxiety and nervousness whenever I had to do something. However, this anxiety was only common when I was amid strangers or vast crowds of people but not with family or friends. I was nervous and afraid of speaking to strangers or in front of huge crowds since I feared being judged. I understand that this kind of anxiety is familiar to many people, but mine was unique and extreme. My type of anxiety made me express myself poorly and avoid situations that were putting me in it.

    So, I would altogether avoid strangers and huge crowds. The truth is that we cannot do anything tangible in this life until we know how to address strangers and gatherings, a fact I realized very late, but I was happy for the realization. I remember how I would go to events and only cling to the few people I knew. If the event had only strangers, I would rather go back home and not talk to one. This anxiety seemed normal until it cost me a huge opportunity that would have changed my life completely. I was in college pursuing Data Science, and I did an incredible and profound project, according to my supervisor and classmates.

    My supervisor forwarded the project as the best one in my class to some financiers who gave scholarships to students with the best project. They told me that I would present my project in a big hall full of students, lecturers, and experts who would interview me about it. The thought of standing in front of all those people made me sick, and I felt I would not do it. I was full of doubts and “what if’s” statements that put a lot of fear in me. I rejected the offer and faked sickness in the long run, but since it was an urgent opportunity, the second-best student in my class went to the stage, did his best, and was offered the scholarship. Today he is a very successful data scientist, courtesy of the scholarship, while still finding the bearing to take in my life. This lost opportunity was a wake-up call for me to address my fears, and later I was able to face them effectively through prayers and more faith in Jesus Christ. I am happy that today I can overcome the fear that suppressed my life for a long time, and so can you.

    We can overcome any harmful fear by drawing more to God and truly loving Him as our Heavenly Father. When we Love God as He first loved us, we will have faith that He is the controller of everything and that He will fight our fears for us because “perfect love casts out fear” according to 1st John 4:18. As believers of Jesus Christ, we should look up to the face of God whenever we are overwhelmed and make our fears known to Him as Paul advises us in 2 Corinthians 7:5. Peter would have remained above the water if He kept looking up to Jesus. We should, therefore, look up to God always to remain above our fears.

    May God bless you as you fight the fears that hold you down.

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