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    Giving Thanks, Whatsoever Ye Do, Give All To The Glory Of God.

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    Giving Thanks With All Your Heart!

    Do you take the time to give thanks to God for all the good things that He has given you through your life, big or small? In our day-to-day activities, sometimes it’s easy to forget during our busy day, and we forget that each day holds precious gifts. There is a common phrase, “all the best things are given free!” If you rethink this statement, you will see its true nature. Imagine what it would be like if the air we breathe, the sunshine that brightens our day, is given at a cost? Therefore, from the air we breathe to the friends that God has given each one of us, there is always something to be thankful for, no matter what comes our way.

    Gratitude is a unique gift that God has given us. We mustn’t take things for granted and always have a heart to say thank you. Thankfulness is a powerful word with a message that helps us draw much closer to God. According to Ephesians 5:20, it is wise to always give thanks to God for everything in the name of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we experience double benefits from being thankful. First, being thankful makes us happy even if we are not Christians, and second, our relationship with God strengthens.

    Paul tells us in the book of Thessalonians 5:18; we should give thanks in all circumstances because this is the will of God for us in Jesus Christ. When we take our time to recognize what God has done in our lives, our relationship with Him grows. In the early days, leprosy was one of the most deadly and terrible diseases.

    Those with leprosy lived hopeless lives and were permanently cut from society. Without a doubt, every leper’s wish was to be healed.

    One day, ten lepers approached Jesus and loudly pleaded with Him to heal them. Jesus was filled with compassion and restored their health, but only one came back to give thanks.

    All the others left without a word of gratitude, and their minds were only preoccupied with themselves and filled with a spirit of ingratitude. Even today, thanklessness and ingratitude are prevalent. We always take for granted the way other people help us, and above all, we forget to thank God for His blessings on us.

    As Christians, we should remember that ingratitude is a sin, just like stealing or lying. Romans 1:21 says that “although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him.” An ungrateful heart is bitter towards Jesus Christ and indifferent to His love and mercy. Many have forgotten just how dependent we are on the Lord for everything.

    I have a niece who is in the first grade and lives with me and my family. Recently, their teacher, Mrs. Alice, told them to draw a picture of something that they are thankful for. First, she imagined how these kids who lived in a boring and deteriorating neighborhood had nothing to be grateful for. She thought how the class would draw pictures of bountifully laden gratitude tables or pictures of turkeys and actually, this is what the children believed was expected of them.

    What took Mrs. Alice by surprise was Janet’s picture. Janet was always so unhappy and most likely to be found close to Mrs. Alice’s shadow as they went outside for a break. So Janet’s picture was something obvious: a hand, but whose hand? The children were fascinated by his drawing. One child said, ” I think it must be the hand of God that gives us our daily bread.” Another said it must be the hand of a police officer who protects us. Others said that it is supposed to represent the hands of all those who have helped us.

    The teacher almost forgot Janet in her pleasure because of the class was so responsive. So when she assigned another task to the kids, she bent down over Janet’s desk and asked her whose hand it was. Janet replied, “It’s yours, teacher.”

    This was when Mrs. Alice recalled she had taken Janet by her hand from time to time. Although she often did this with the rest of the kids, it meant so much to Janet. This is where she reflected that this was her thanksgiving and dawned on her that everybody’s thanksgiving must not be the material things they receive but the small things that we give to others.

    Thanksgiving makes us less self-centered. By being thankful, we stop focusing on ourselves and focus on God, which draws us nearer to Him. Thanksgiving is like a glue that joins us to God. Do you know you can choose to be grateful for the gift of life no matter how complex your life is because Jehovah has assured us He is with us? When we grow in thanksgiving, we learn how to appreciate the good things and everything happening in our lives, including the suffering and trials. Philippians 4:6 tells us we should not be anxious about anything and always pray in every situation. By thanksgiving and prayer, we represent our requests to Jesus Christ.

    I’d like to add a few thoughts here; (Tim Thompson).

    Before I close this article; I’d like to add one thing. If you’re struggling, having a hard day or whatever comes your way, remember the following scripture. Let us remember everything belongs to God and if we understand this, then life will become so much brighter, yes, let’s be thankful for all we have. Remember, it does not have to be Thanksgiving for us to be thankful. If you give your heart to Christ, then you have another reason to be thankful.

    1 Corinthians 10; say’s,

    Verse 31: Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

    Simply means whatever you do, give the glory to God. Perhaps you’re having a hard time and your boss is from hell, doesn’t matter you’re doing it for the glory of God.

    Always do your best. Please remember to pray, for it will make all the difference in how you feel from day to day.

    One last thing; people may think I am crazy, but all year long I am saying “Merry Christmas”, why?

    Because when you believe in Jesus Christ with all your heart, every day is Christmas. God bless you, have a great day!

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