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Monday, July 22, 2024
    HomeProphecy NowIs Jesus coming back? An Honest Answer!

    Is Jesus coming back? An Honest Answer!

    The Writer: Timothy Thompson

    Does anyone know when Jesus is coming back? The answer to this very question may surprise you. Have you ever found yourself in a discussion talking about this exact topic?  

     I have often found myself asking that very same question and having many conversations on this very topic. So I pondered, “when is Jesus coming back?” and usually the response is, But Tim “no one knows neither the day nor the hour when Christ is coming back. 

     If that discussion were to continue, it might go something like this, Tim it could be 1000 years from now; who knows, people have always thought that they were the ones that would see Jesus coming back. This was not much of an answer to me; it was the same thing as saying, I don’t know.  

     It has been mentioned to me; what makes you think you understand when nobody else does. This question would place me in a defensive mode in which I knew I could not win because the lack of understanding goes so deep with the people who ask this question, yet it is a very common question people do ask, which I would very much clear up.   

     Now, I had a conversation a few years ago on a similar topic when I mentioned that I knew that Iran would start a war and pushed to the North, South, and West, which is a prophecy in the Book of Daniel. My Co-worker looked at me somewhat passionate about his reply; he explained that his wife was very religious, and if that were true, she would know. I backed off because if a person can’t listen with an open mind and heart, you can’t reach them at all.

     It has always been difficult for me because I want everyone to know the truth, and he doubted that I had the knowledge and wisdom which I was claiming that I knew without a doubt. 

     Many people may come to my website wondering if I speak the truth or not. I’ll tell you this directly. What I say comes from the Bible, which comes from God. I have no plan but to serve God. I don’t do this for money, and my lessons are free. 

     Many people are confused or speak things that are not true merely because they lack the wisdom and knowledge and they do not study. Many people talk about things they do not understand. Many reject the truth because it may leave them feeling uncomfortable. It takes years to understand and gain this type of knowledge. But since knowledge has increased, we can learn at a faster pace. 

    The response has always been the same “No one knows neither the day nor the hour.”

     The problem today is a lack of understanding. So, people repeat what others say, what they do not understand. In this case, it is a lack of knowledge and taking the scriptures out of context. 


     Jesus Said; St Matthew 25:13

     Watch, therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

     That is the famous scriptures that a non-believer and a Christian might pull out of the bag, but they stop, and they do not continue to read the rest of the scriptures that explains things in much greater detail. So let’s do just that, ok. Let us research this a lot more.

     St Luke Chapter 12

     45 But and if that servant say in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;

     46 The Lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

     St Mark Chapter 13

     32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

     33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

     34 For the Son of man is a man taking a far journey, who left his house, gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.

     35 Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or midnight, or the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

     36 Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.

     37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

     Verse 32, we read again, 

     But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

     According to the scriptures, we learn that, 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ himself knew neither the day nor the hour of his return. 

     Please don’t stop reading now, because you are about to learn the truth, let’s keep reading. Let us reread verse 37; 

     St Mark Chapter 13: Verse 37

     And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. 

     We see now that we are told to watch and be aware of the many signs that God has given us.

    This is pretty much what the prophetic events’ website is all about, helping make you aware of the unfolding prophecies so that you are aware of how close we are. 

     We are told to watch but to watch, you need to understand what signs to watch. That is why we need to gain knowledge to be better prepared to know the signs. 

    But the evil servant is he who is not found watching. And if that servant is not found watching, he will say in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants, and the maidens, and to eat, and drink, and to be drunken.

     We have learned that we need to be watching and studying prophecy to gain knowledge, but can we know when Jesus is coming back? Let us continue to explore in more depth. 

     Peter Chapter 3

    Some in the latter days will doubt the Second Coming—The elements will melt at the coming of the Lord.

     8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

     9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

     10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which, the heavens shall pass away with high noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

     The heart of the matter. I have been told by the same people who say that no one knows the day nor the hour, only God the Father. But as a thinking man, it did not make much sense to me that Jesus, who is to come, would not know when. It just did not make any sense, and so I prayed about it, and through personal study, God gave me the answer. I must always seek the scriptures and take no man’s opinion and seek the truth through God’s eyes. 

     I learned the truth, which was an answer to my prayer. I revealed the breathtaking answer, and the answer is in, The Revelation of St John the Divine: Chapter 5.

     Basically, in short, I learn that Jesus said all those things to his disciples some 2000 years ago. But since Jesus died and had victory over the cross, it was that victory that earned him the right to open the sealed Book. Jesus gave John the Revelator the opportunity to view the Book in which John saw and wrote those things down. We now have the Book called the Book of Revelation. The things that John saw and the message he wanted to give to us is in that Book. I then realized that Jesus knows when he is coming back. He earned that right when he had victory over the cross; how beautiful. Please read below and see it for yourself. Study my materials so that you can understand what the Seven Seals represent. Do Pay attention to verses 1-5. 

     The Revelation of St John the Divine: Chapter 5

     John sees the Book sealed with seven seals, and he sees those people redeemed out of every nation—He hears every creature praising God and the Lamb.

     1 And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

     2 And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the Book, and to loose the seals thereof?

     3 And no man in heaven, nor in the earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the Book, neither to look thereon.

     4 And I wept much because no man was found worthy to open and to read the Book, neither to look thereon.

     5 And one of the elder’s saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the Book and to loose the seven seals thereof.

     6 And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the middle of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.

     7 And he came and took the Book out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne.

     8 And when he had taken the Book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.

     9 And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the Book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;

     10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

     11 And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;

     12 Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.

     13 And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever.

     14 And the four beasts said, Amen. And the four and twenty elders fell and worshipped him that liveth forever and ever.

     We understand that Jesus knows when he is coming back, and we also know that the sinner is blind and cannot see the signs. The question we must ask is, can we know the day and the hour of his 2nd coming? 

     So, how are you feeling now? Have you learned anything new? Let’s dig a little deeper. The truth is you need to study and understand the seven seals to learn about the timeline. Study the Seven Seals and the Seven Trumpets lessons, and you will learn about the timing of Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming. The answer will amaze you. If you are looking for an exact time and date, I am here to tell you that a timetable can help you understand. However, for the most part, the best way is to study and learn what is going to take place, learn all you can about the Prophetic events and watch them happen.  

     In short, it is not about the exact day or hour; the thing you will need to be doing is to prepare and draw closer to Christ and keep the commandments. Do continue to study and learn about the Seven Trumpets and the Seven Seals, and you will have your answer. But let me make it clear that the exact day or the correct hour is too vague. I would suggest that anyone who tells you that Jesus is coming back on a particular date is a liar; you need to stay away from this, don’t listen to deceivers whom God has warned us about in the last days. But you can learn how close we are by watching and learning the many Prophecies. 

     What does it profit a man to know and yet have no relationship with God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ? We need to remember to love one another. Thank you, brothers and sisters; I hope that this has been a help to you. May God Bless You!

     Timothy Thompson

    Originally posted 2021-07-05 17:33:00.



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