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    Jane’s story of Love, Hope, and Kindness

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    A simple act of kindness, they say, goes a long way. We are living in a world where most people are only mindful of their own business. These people argue that the current hard economic times do not allow them to help others. There is a common saying that “no one is too poor to give, and no one is too rich to receive.” As Christians, we must show love and kindness to others. Jesus, in his teaching, said that we should love others as we love ourselves. As God’s children, it is prudent for us to show acts of kindness to others.

    Being a Christian is not just about attending the Sunday service every Sunday. We cannot be good Christians if we are not our brother’s keepers. Giving is an act of faith that goes a long way in restoring the faith and hope of those in need. Service to humanity, they say, is service to God. Therefore, as Christians, we should not just be religious, but we should serve others in our churches and communities in love and kindness. There are members in our communities who struggle each passing day to overcome various challenges in their lives. A helping hand to these people is usually a great welcome.

    There was a lady who that working in a prestigious company as an accountant. Jane was earning a good salary, drove a big car, and was living a perfect life. Though she was having all that she dreamed of, she felt empty on the inside. In her heart, she had a belief that she had a great purpose in life. One day as she was walking in a park, she noticed a group of homeless people begging for food. She felt moved when she saw that most people ignored them while others even insulted them.

    As she was walking home that day, she asked what she had given God to live a privileged life. That night as she reflected on the events of the day, she remembered the homeless people she saw in the park. The following day Jane woke up very early and baked some very delicious cupcakes. She packed them nicely in a basket together with some fruits. On her way to the office, she passed by the park and gave the basket to the homeless she found in the park.

    Jane was moved to tears as she saw the joy in the eyes of those people. On her way to the office, she asked herself endless questions on how she could help them. Later that evening, Jane passed a fast food store and ordered packed food for the group in the park. When she got to the park, some of the children noticed her and ran in her direction. She handed them the baskets of food she was carrying and headed back home. The act of appreciation by the group made Jane very happy.

    Over the next couple of months, Jane made it her responsibility to take breakfast and dinner to these vulnerable members in her community. Later she felt she needed to do more for the homeless people she was helping. Jane got her friends together and asked them if they could help her actualize some of her plans. She wanted to build a shelter for them and get them out of the streets. Most of her friends did not support her, but Jane never gave up on her dreams to help the needy.

    Jane went to the bank and withdrew all her savings, and sold her car. She added the money she got that she got from a few friends and got a small apartment for the group she was feeding at the park. Each day she would take food to them and spend some time with them before returning to her house. Jane sought a scholarship for the children in the group and took them to school. For those who could not go to school, Jane enrolled them in vocational training centers to acquire skills to help them make a living.

    The angel’s home that Jane started years ago has grown in size. Currently, the home has 150 people. Great people in society have come from this home and have thriving careers like doctors, drives, business people, and lawyers. The success story of these people is traced back to Jane, who saw the need to give back to society. Her story inspires people to show kindness, friendship and give hope to the needy in the community.

    In conclusion, as Christians, it is our responsibility to show kindness to others. We should trust God to provide for us to share with those who are deserving in the community. Through our faith in Jesus, we shall overcome all and be a blessing to others. Let the story of Jane inspire us to give a helping hand to the less fortunate in the community, and God in Heaven will surely bless us.

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