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Monday, July 22, 2024
    HomeWisdomKnowing Christ at a Personal Level has brought a Great Impact on...

    Knowing Christ at a Personal Level has brought a Great Impact on my life.

    Username of the writer: Janice01

    I was born and raised in a humble background as the fifth born of six. My dad did not have any stable job, and putting food in the mouth was quite a challenge at times. Gaining education was not that easy also. My childhood life was a complete challenge but having God’s love made all the difference.

    At my tender age, I claimed that I was born again as others did. However, as time passed by, I had to decide to have a personal relationship with God. I wanted to know this God who loved us and gave us his son as a gift. I decided that it was about me and my relationship with God. I believed in my heart and confessed that Jesus Christ is the Lord like the bible says in Romans 10:10, and I got saved. Getting saved brought a lot of joy in my heart, knowing that even if the journey proved challenging, I had a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

    One of the miracles I experienced was during my high school life. After completing my primary school life, I got enrolled in a local high school. 

    School life was not that easy, and I missed most lessons since I often sent me home for not paying my school fees. One day I came across a particular magazine that a certain servant had written of God. She talked about Sarah, and she continued saying she couldn’t imagine Sarah knitting a kid’s sweater at the age of 90. She also said that God goes against science, that faith is like walking on thorns and believing that they will not pierce you. All we need is to have faith in God, and he would do anything for us.

    I decided to provoke my faith. When I went to school that week, the deputy principal said that those who owed fees should not report to school the following day. I went home knowing very well that I had not cleared my fees, but all the same, I told my mother that the students who owed payments would be sent home. She wondered how that would be possible.  

    The following day I woke up and prepared, as usual, to go to school. Once at school, I got settled, and I was ready to learn. We used to be given meal cards if you had cleared the fees, and without one, you were supposed to go home.

    The deputy issued the meal cards, and mine was not there. I still held onto faith in God. I would even at times throw hands in my pocket to see if the meal card had gotten in there miraculously, but there was none. After issuing the meal cards, the deputy left. She then came back the second round to check for those who had still not packed and gone home.

    I woke up and went to the bursar’s office since he was in charge of meal card preparation. I greeted him and, with a lot of confidence, asked him why he had not prepared a meal card for me, and my fees had already been cleared. He apologized and took a meal card to write my name on it.

    Before he did, he said that he would first confirm it; to see if my fees had been paid. It was true that I knew not if my payments had been paid or not. I confidently told him to go ahead and do so. It is true that deep within me, I knew that I had fees balance, but I also knew that God was able to do that which no man can do. I was not ready to limit my God and to start doubting. The bursar checked, and to my amazement, the fees had been paid; how, I didn’t know then. This is our God. He did it for me; he can also do it for you; all you need to do is surrender totally unto him and take him as the only option.

    Since I got saved I have learned to put my hope and trust in God as stated in Jeremiah 17:7-8. 

    Another miracle happened just the other day. I am married, and God has called me to be an intercessor. I am a leader of a prayer warriors’ group with ladies all over the country. Most of us have not met, and we normally have our activities online. We had planned to have a three-day prayer camp where we would meet, get to know each other, and seek the face of the Lord together. Being the leader, I was not to miss the prayer camp. 

    God has taken care of everything, including finances and giving me someone to look after the kids, and I was only awaiting the day.

    Two weeks before the prayer camp, my husband got sick with depression.

    This was not the first time, and whenever he got sick, it would take like a month or two to recover. When we went to the hospital, we were given an appointment, and on one of the days, I would be attending the prayer camp. My husband’s condition deteriorated, and even with faith in God, I still saw the possibility of missing the prayer camp. I requested the prayer warriors to stand with me in prayers, and they did, but he seemed no better. As for me, I had purposed to go for seven days’ prayers. In the last week, I remember one prayer warrior who had already given hope on my chances of attending the camp calling me, and she told me that she would pass by as she went to the prayer camp. I told her it was okay; who knew maybe I would go with her.

    On a Wednesday, I was to leave that Sunday, but my husband’s condition showed otherwise. I took a specific book where I usually put down various things, including God’s promises in my life. With a lot of faith, I wrote down that I would be leaving for the prayer camp on Sunday 21st, and I would get home on Sunday 28th. I also quoted the scripture in Psalms 84:11 that says God does not withhold anything good from the blameless. I stood with this promise and told God that going to the prayer camp was one of these good things, and I knew that he would not withhold the same from me. I packed my clothes, and I was ready for the prayer camp. I didn’t know how but I told God he knew, and that was enough. To cut a long story short, the prayer warrior passed by me that Saturday night, and I still didn’t know if I was to go. God gave my husband a quick recovery, and he allowed me to go to the prayer camp on the date I had planned.

    In this salvation journey, I have seen my God is so faithful. I cannot regret my walk with him. He has been my God in good and bad times. I also hold onto the hope that he will come back to pick the righteous and live with them forever in heaven one day. I am determined to walk right with him so that he will find me blameless at the time of his coming.

    Originally posted 2021-05-30 08:59:01.



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