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    Learn how the almighty God Helps Us to Pursue Our Fantastic Dreams!

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    How God Helps Us to Pursue Our Dreams

    Young people have dreams and plans for the future. They can be dreams about what to be later in life, where you would like to travel or maybe, the kind of person you would like to marry when the right time comes. Do you know that God had already planned how many days you will live before you were born? (Psalms, 139:16. God knows everything about you, even your plans and dreams.

    Sometimes the dreams we have for our lives match what Christ wants for us, but He might have something entirely different in mind at times. God knows everything, including the past, present, and future, so that we can trust His plans. The book of Romans 12:2 tells us that we should not live the way this world lives. We should let our ways of thinking be completely different, and by doing this, we will be able to test what God wants for us. Undoubtedly, what God wants is right for us. God’s plan is always perfect, there is no single moment that we can come up with something better than perfect.

    This message brings us to the question of the day; how can you ensure that your dreams align with what God wants? The book of Psalm 37:4 tells us to find our delight in the Lord, and He will give us everything our heart wants. Therefore, the key is finding delight in God by enjoying our time with Him in prayer, worshiping him, and reading the bible. All the things your heart desires will start to line up naturally with the things that He has planned for you, and you will get to understand and know Him better. The Best thing is to trust in God and then ask Him to show you what He has planned for you. Proverbs 19:21, you may have plans in your heart, but God’s purpose for you wins out in the end. Proverbs 16:9. In our hearts, we plan our lives, but God decides where our steps will take us.

    As a young boy, I aspired to do something that would change the lives of about one million people. At first, I had no idea of what to do, but later, in 2007, I came up with the idea of producing an inspirational movie with the theme of success. At this time, I was a student in the university, and I proposed this project for an inter-university competition. I knew that this would turn out to be very helpful to people.

    However, I faced my first setback right away. My professor said that they had no resources or connections to reach famous people and that the budget would be too high. Basically, this was a rejection. Deep down in my heart, this was my dream, and I believed that I could achieve it. People did not believe in me, but I knew it’s me who had to believe in myself and my dream. Therefore, I took up the challenge alone. People laughed at me, telling me that I was young with no connections and no famous person would bother to meet me.

    Failure did happen, the first being a rejection. People deserted my team, and anytime I tried to contact the people I wanted, I failed. However, others agreed and meeting them motivated me. More than a hundred rejections, but at least I found 20 famous achievers to be part of my movie. If you can handle rejection from people who do not buy or somewhat agree with your dream, finally, you will find someone who does, and it happened to me even after taking four years. The process was long since I did not have money to employ a big team. Also, I had other things like finishing my education and a plan to set up a business.

    Within a year, I had finished a rough cut of the movie. I invited friends for a test screening. I thought the film was a masterpiece but, unfortunately, nobody liked it. At this time, I felt like giving up, but this was something that I had worked on for so long.

    If I quit, every single day of my struggles would have been worthless. So I decided to carry on and improve the movie. I repeated the process, and this time, I came up with something that everybody loved.

    I posted my work online on YouTube, but you know that getting noticed is not easy. Your content must be excellent and still have a lot of promotions. However, promoting content needs much paid marketing, which means a considerable sum of money.

    Disappointed, I posted my film on YouTube with little promotion, and I had to rely on my social media followers to spread the message. The movie did not go viral in a single day, but something was happening. Thousands of people started watching my film, and it received unanimous praise. Sick people told me that the movie gave them the motivation to claim their life back. Business people told me they were about to quit due to repeated failures, but the movie motivated them. Students who were about to give up told me that the movie inspired them to try again.

    Your dream might be entirely different from mine, but unless you put God first, be a prayerful being, your story might not be different from mine. The road to success is full of obstacles and failures but, never give up. We all start with a lot of excitement but setbacks come in and slap you in the face. You overcome one obstacle, and then another arises. 2 Chronicles 15:17 tells us to be strong and not give up because our work will be rewarded. Psalm 20:4 God gives us the desire of our heart and makes all our plans succeed.

    If your dreams do not reflect the Lord’s purpose for you, you are not in line with the life He wants you to live. The best advice is to ask God through prayers to help you understand which of your dreams aligns with His will for you. It’s natural to fear to take the necessary risks to follow your dreams, but if you give in to fear, it will stop your progress. You should know that God gives us the power we need to do whatever He is calling us to do.

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