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    Let Us Live By What We Believe In

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    It is the habit of Christians to attend service every Sunday. As Christians, we are usually very eager to listen to the sermon that the pastor has prepared. The big question is how many of us practice what we preach or learn from our pastors or mentors. Being a follower of Jesus Christ is more than just attending church every Sunday and reading the Bible every day. It is the responsibility of every Christian to do what they preach. Saying something is one thing, and doing it is another.

    In the world today, there are many Christians who do not live by what they believe in. The life we are living these days is full of challenging situations. At times as Christians, we become overwhelmed by circumstances that we end up giving up on our faith. Christians should inspire others through their actions that trusting in God and having unwavering faith is how we should all live. Christians are called to show kindness, love, hope, and friendship to all, even those that society sees as undeserving.

    Rose and Ben were a young couple that had fallen madly in love with each other while in college. After the two graduated, they decided to get married. The two had big dreams. To them, nothing would stop them from achieving their goals. The day came when Ben had to introduce Rose to his parents. Both were very excited that their parents would approve of their relationship and accept their decision to get married. They were granted their wish, and both got married at a very colorful ceremony.

    As the years went by, the two were blessed with three children and a lot of property. One day as Ben was driving home from work, he was involved in a terrible accident. He became paralyzed as a result of the accident; he lost his job. Rose had quit her job and was a full-time mom. As the months went by, the family ran into debts and started selling some of their properties. Things never got better. Rose could not secure a job from the many places she had applied.

    Ben became depressed and an alcoholic. He was rude and violent towards his wife and children. Ben eventually stopped attending church. On the other hand, Rose was receiving numerous pieces of advice from her family and friends to divorce her husband. Her reply to this advice was that only death could separate her from her husband. At times Rose would be so overwhelmed that she felt God had abandoned her.

    Rose had great faith in God that He will provide for her and her family. Though her husband’s behavior had changed for the worse, she always showed him love and kindness. Each morning Rose walked out of her house; she had faith that God will provide. She would walk the streets, begging people for food and money to support her family. Rose held on to hope that God is working behind the scenes to help her. She did know how God would do it but held strongly to the faith that things will one day get better for her and the family.

    Family and friends eventually turned their backs on her and withdrew the little support they gave her. One day Rose almost gave up and decided that she will divorce her husband. As she walked to her attorney’s office, Rose remembered the vows she took on her wedding day that, for better or worse, she will stay in the marriage. Though her husband was mistreating rose, she always forgave him. Her principle was that the Bible teaches us to forgive others unconditionally and show love to others as we love ourselves.

    Ben always wondered why his wife was so collected despite his maltreatment towards her. This bothered him for quite some time. One day he heard his wife praying, asking God to forgive her husband. This took Ben by surprise, and at that moment, he realized the enormous damage he had caused his wife and children. He sought his wife’s forgiveness, which she did wholeheartedly. They both started working on their broken relationship.

    One day as they were having breakfast, they received an eviction notice from their landlords due to their massive debt. They were devastated, but both held the faith that God will surely provide for them. They sought help from family and friends, but they all turned their backs on them. One afternoon Ben received a call from the company he was working for. When he got to the company, he was informed that the company’s directors wanted him to resume working with the company. They promised to increase his salary, give him a car and buy his family a house of his choice.

    When Ben got home, he shared the news with his wife. She knelt and thanked God. Rose was steadfast in her faith and always believed that God would provide for her family and turn things around for them. This story encourages us that no matter the situation that we are in, God is always faithful. We should always trust God to help us in all circumstances the way Rose did. Let us have unwavering faith to overcome all.

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