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Monday, July 22, 2024
    HomeWisdomLet Us Strengthen Our Faith; It's Worth It!

    Let Us Strengthen Our Faith; It’s Worth It!

    Username of the writer: kindheart

    We all know it is a daunting task to be a student, worker, parent, guide, et al. since all these take time and unequivocal efforts. To persevere through this, we need support, and the best part is that God will always be there to give us this unfailing support that we require avidly.

    It is crucial to realize that not only should we call upon God during desperate times, but even when we are in good times. He is more than what humans take him to be. He is the King and provider and is deserved by all. We might indeed fall short of His glory, but for that reason, Jesus Christ took our places to ensure that we still have a great relationship with God. He can help us when we’re facing hardships and temptations, and He is our comforter. He is capable beyond possibilities. It is hard to give God time due to struggles that we encounter, but He loves us regardless. It is through these times that we get close to Him. Many certainly possess this problem, but we needn’t lose hope nevertheless. With that, here are some things we need to do to grow, strengthen, and sustain our relationship with the Almighty God.

    Set Time Out to Pray Earnestly

    The Almighty is always there. He is omnipresent. He needs to talk with us through prayer, and building a relationship with him without talking to him is just nigh impossible. He needs to be the priority in our lives. If ought not to prioritize other things because he needs to be the first, he awaits us to talk to Him. He wants to welcome us if we’re ready for Him. It will become more comfortable with time, and you will feel overwhelmed and loved in a way you hadn’t realized before. You need to work on setting time out for your God, and with the time, you will be closer to Him.

    Attend Church Services

    It might seem too obvious to do so, but the Holy Bible in Hebrews 10;25 tells us to prevent forsaking gatherings to pray. The Church needs to be a place where we feed our spirits positively, stay uplifted, and enormously grow in our God. Christians find it hard sometimes to go to Church because of one reason or another, such as oversleeping due to stressful and long weeks. Nevertheless, God should be our strength. He is going to aid us when we feel weak and reward us for constant loyalty and faithfulness in Him. You need to search for a church that you feel at home and commence, making it part and parcel of your week to attend Church services. Besides, you can take afternoon naps after attending Church to rest. Also, study the Bible in your own time and ask for wisdom from above that surpasses all human understanding. This will help you get the knowledge to understand the meaning of the Bible at a deeper level.

    Love Your Own Family

    Sisters, brothers, and parents are people whom you live with under one roof. Should it be challenging to build an excellent relationship with your family, then how is it possible to build a relationship with the almighty God whom you’ve never seen? Hence you need to love, respect, and honor your siblings and parents to strengthen the relationship with your God. The Holy Bible in 1st John 4:20 tells us that anyone who claims to love God and loathes his sister or brother merely is being deceptive. “For whoever that can’t love their siblings whom they see can’t love God whom they’ve never set eyes upon.”

    Serve the Lord God and not money

    Should you need to strengthen your relationship with our Heavenly Father robustly, then you need to stop being a money slave. There is no way that you can possess a powerful bond with Jesus Christ and only live for money. It is just impossible in all mannerisms. The Holy Bible tells us in the gospel of Mathew 6: 24 that it isn’t possible to serve wholeheartedly two masters. That is because you will love one while you loathe the other, and you will be a devotee to one while despise another. You can’t be a slave to money and at the same time serve God wholeheartedly.

    Don’t Be Materialistic.

    As Christians, we must refrain from indulging in worldly things like wealth, greed, drunkenness, lust, and real envy. Instead, you need to nurture yourself with impressing spiritual things like self-control, patience, honesty, peace, joy, compassion, faithfulness, and love, which are all necessary when we are living for Christ. The Holy Bible in 1st John 2:15 tells us that we shouldn’t admire and desire worldly pleasures because when we do so, it would be hard to possess a love for God.

    God loves us even though we forsake Him due to everyday problems because He faced them on earth. However, if we do the above, then we are assured of eternal life and comfort. We should have faith in God that He will redeem us as we strengthen our relationship with Him.

    Originally posted 2021-06-05 08:08:56.



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