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Monday, July 22, 2024
    HomeWisdomLiving Courageously in Turbulent Times

    Living Courageously in Turbulent Times

    Username Of The Writer: ArticleProf

    Do you recall the feeling when everything happened according to your plans? That moment when you felt like you were in control and satisfied by the fact that there was a sense of accomplishment. However, not everything will always go as planned. There is always an unnecessary technical glitch, an unreasonable team member, an unexpected traffic jam, or unwanted delay.

    Not everything happens as you plan for them. Some of these incidences can be considered minor, but others are crucial. We feel that our plans should have come through during these times, but unfortunately, they didn’t. Such times give us the feeling that we are in the midst of a terrible storm or turbulent waters are surrounding us, and there is no way out.

    The life of Daniel gives us hope in such turbulent times. Daniel was a young man with a royal heritage, taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar of the kingdom of Babylon. Being a Jewish royal, Daniel had favors, privileges, and comforts. The king allowed him to make plans and achieve what his heart desired. One day, everything he enjoyed and was familiar with came falling and crumbling down as he was driven away as a captive into foreign and unfamiliar territories. He spends the rest of his life under the rule of pagans.

    So we wonder how Daniel was able to navigate such times. What did he do when all his pans faded and came crashing down? The book of Daniel 1:8 tells us that ” Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine….” Here, the keyword is “resolved.” When we are determined to do something, it becomes tough to deviate from our objectives. Daniel was determined that he would not “degrade himself.” This verse sheds light on how Daniel could traverse such turbulent times. Daniel dared to live with his convictions.

    If you take your time to think about the context surrounding Daniel’s life, you will realize that God had not shielded him from this turbulence. However, he was still determined not to go against what God wanted. His enemies tried to change him and everything he believed in, but they had no chance to change what he stood for. They even changed his culture, but not his character. They changed his language but not his faith.

    Daniel gathered the courage to live with convictions, and God rewarded and honored that. Daniel and his friends looked healthier and were wiser; Daniel 15-17, “In a situation requiring wisdom and understanding, they were ten times better than the enchanters and magicians in the entire kingdom.

    Daniel had not planned to live as a captive, his dreams did not come to be, and everything he hoped for was shattered. He did not even have a plan B, but the bible teaches us that when we have the courage to live according to our convictions, it will be possible for us to thrive even when we are surrounded by storms and turbulent waters.

    A true story about my friend Benjamin was horribly burned in a schoolhouse fire at the age of 10. He was seriously burned on his face such that even after numerous reconstruction surgeries, it was hard for him to recover his former looks again. This seriously demoralized him. He hated people, felt rejected, and always wanted to stay isolated. I was his closest friend, and he still did not want to meet me or even talk to me. He felt worthless and always locked himself in his bedroom.

    I tried to talk to his parent about how we could help Benjamin, but it did not seem to have any impact. He was determined to stay alone. Being his best friend, I was determined to help. After insisting day by day, o talk to him, he finally accepted that I could see him in his room. We had a long personal conversation on accepting who he is and understanding that everything happens with a purpose. Although this did not happen immediately, Benjamin started accepting who he was, and his confidence improved with time. Through prayers and friends’ love, he learned to live courageously in his turbulent times when he deemed himself worthless.

    Today, Benjamin is a huge inspiration to people who feel worthless and lack a sense of living. He embraced who he is by living courageously and never felt intimidated by anyone because of his looks.

    My prayer is for Jesus to help you live courageously in turbulent times. By doing so, you will learn to cope with your problem, and there will be no time that you will feel hopeless. You will, without a doubt, live a happy life just like David, and Christ will reward you for this and help you through your struggles.

    Originally posted 2022-02-19 23:45:34.



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