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    Modern-Day Martyrs

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    Modern-Day Martyrs

    The cost of serving God in your life. However, most individuals aren’t concerned with how they will be remembered after passing on, mainly in America. Martyrdom is commonly found in the Eastern world, where many religions hold the idea of eternal life.

    This idea has led to countless wars, fights, and deaths within families; however, martyrdom rarely occurs in America because most Americans are non religious.

    In America, if a person were to die for their Faith, it would be done as an act of suicide, which is illegal and considered socially unacceptable. Martyrdom in America will most likely never occur because people want to go out of their way with a successful life. Not being remembered as a failure is more important to most Americans. In the bible, they killed almost all the twelve disciples for spreading the gospel and not denying Jesus Christ of their Faith, and this is one of the main reasons we know the gospel is true. Paul preached in many places around the world and was beaten almost to death, but that did not change his message.

    While it is hard to find someone dying for their Faith in Jesus Christ in America, it is the opposite in other parts of the world. In 2020, Open Doors- a global Ngo advocating for persecuted Christians released their yearly World Watch List. According to their research, Libya, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries had severe cases of Christian persecution. Here in America, the question remains; Are you a firm believer in Christ that you are ready to die for your Faith?

    With true Christians, the word of God stays the same even when we are hated, persecuted, or even killed. All we have to do is open our mouths, and unbelievers will be against us because they hate the truth. What I know here in America, you can be intimidated because of your Christian belief, and if you are a young believer or have not grown deep into Christ, you will often be pulled away from Christ. But we want you to know that the most inspiring and strongest people in history are those who choose to love regardless of the situation or circumstance.

    Do you often ask yourself what gives some believers the ability to love where others fail? The key is Faith. Faith is your decision to love, and the more you choose to love, the greater your Faith in Christ grows.

    This modern world is full of pain, war, and more war, and therefore, believing in God under these conditions seems weak and pointless. This makes us Christians become vulnerable to non-believers. But as you read this, remember that there are believers in Christ awaiting execution for their testimony in believing in the same gospel that you profess. Hebrews 11.6 tells us that “without faith, it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that He is a re-warder of those who diligently seek Him.” Remember that God promises those who believe and acknowledge His name and place their Faith in Him heaven when they die and abundant life full of God’s glory.

    The book of 1 Peter 4: 14-16 tells us that when people insult you because you follow Christ, God blesses you because of the glorious Spirit, which is the Spirit of God. You should not be ashamed if you suffer because you are a Christian. Again, the book of 2 Timothy 3: 12, if you want to live a God-like life, you will suffer from others if you belong to Jesus Christ.

    When we talk of believers of Christ and those who cannot accept their Faith to be moved an inch, we cannot forget Saint Cecilia. Cecilia came from a rich family and was married to a man called Valerian without her consent.

    Cecilia had promised herself to Christ, so she prayed God would protect her virginity. During her wedding, Cecilia continually prayed to Jesus. When the time came to consummate her marriage, she informed her husband that she had vowed to protect her virginity and that the angels would protect her from anyone who would force her to have sex with them and that they would be harmed. Valerian wanted proof of this and wanted to see the angel.

    Cecilia informed him that the only way to see the angel was to be baptized.

    Valerian agreed, and following his baptism, he embraced the angels who crowned his wife with beautiful flowers.

    Upon hearing this story, his brother was also baptized, and their siblings agreed to bury any Christians killed by the Romans. Cecilia preached, and more people converted to Christianity until her beliefs resulted in her arrest.

    The Romans planned for Cecilia to be suffocated in the local baths. They locked her and stocked fire outside the baths to unimaginable heat.

    Cecilia, protected by her pure heart, was not consumed by the flames. Some witnesses said that she did not even sweat. The executioners were sent to the baths to execute Cecilia, and they struck her head three times but could not separate her head from the body. She lived for more days and then died. The story of Cecilia teaches us we should not allow our Faith to be moved and when we stay strong, others will start believing in us. What if we Christians in America stayed firm in our Faith and belief? We will, without a doubt, be the change we want to see in America.

    We are living during some very unstable days, as mentioned in the scriptures. For now is the time to prepare for the 2nd coming. Death for many people is a scary thing, it’s the unknown. I suggest you pray, seek the truth and when persecution comes your way, you’ll be able to stand up to it. Have faith in Jesus Christ. There are some great articles on this website that will have you jumping for joy. There is no doubt in my mind that God is real and he loves you. If you seek wisdom, you are in the right place. May God be with you. Have a great day.

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