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    My Greatest Miracle: Nose Bleeds 3:00 a.m. My Father Overcame Alcoholism.

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    How I stopped nose-bleeding and how my father stopped alcoholism; my honest testimony

    My name is Joseph. I am 27 years old. Since I was born, I have come across skeptical people who believe nothing about miracles. According to them, miracles don’t exist. Fortunately, my life is a true testimony that miracles exist, and God works through miraculous ways. I am a true believer in Jesus Christ, the son of God, and how he saved my family and me from the health and social struggles we were going through. Has something ever happened in your life that you can’t explain? Well, it occurred to me. Read on to know how my belief in Jesus Christ helped me say goodbye to my nose-bleeding condition and how my father turned from an alcohol addict to a church elder.

    It is through God’s love that I miraculously stopped nose bleeding

    In July 2009, I received the healing that I will never forget till today. Honestly, I can’t remember the exact date but what I can remember is that it was on a Sunday afternoon. I was a naïve young boy who had just joined high school, ambitious about what I would become in the future.

    But I was going through a health challenge that no one else in my school was going through. I used to nose bleed every night. To be specific, I used to nose bleed every night at exactly 3.00 am. For sure, it was a unique condition. Till today, I have never understood why it was specifically at 3.00 am and not some other time or during the day.

    So, nose bleeding at wee hours of the night, when everyone else was asleep in the hostel, I had no option but to perform first aid on myself. I remember it reached a point where I would find myself waking up at around 2.30 am waiting for blood to ooze out of my nose. Then I would take a towel, dump it in cold water and place it on my forehead, and after a few minutes, I would be back to normal. For several months, this was what I had to go through daily.

    So, on July 2009, a Sunday morning, I prepared to attend a church service that our patron had organized. The day’s minister was a certain priest who I later learned traveled abroad to spread God’s love and word. I was oblivious that the heavens would favor and heal me that day. I was sure of the faith that I had in God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although I rarely read the bible, my hope was that I would be free from daily nose-bleeding one day.

    So, that day, when the minister was through with preaching the word to students and the rest of the congregation, he requested something from us. He asked anyone going through tribulations or any form of a problem to raise their hands. Many people raised their hands, including me. He started praying. When he finished praying, he asked again if anyone was going through a health problem to raise their hands. I was also among those who raised their hands.

    He then asked us (those who had raised their hands) to touch the part of the body with a problem. Without even thinking twice, I remember touching my nose with both of my hands. The priest prayed for us. Immediately heaven opened, and I felt a difference in my body. As the priest concluded with the prayers, something explainable made me believe that God had answered his prayers. I knew Jesus Christ had performed a miracle in my life.

    True to my belief, that night, I did not nose-bleed. Glory be to God. The following night and the night after that, I also did not nose bleed. From that day, I have never nose-bled at 3.00 am. I became a free man. Although I did not start reading the bible immediately, I spared some time afterward for bible studies.

    Faith miraculously saved my father from alcoholism.

    Since I was young, I have known my father as a drunkard. He would come home late at night while drunk, and sometimes he would even sleep outside. Sometimes my mom would not tolerate such behavior, so he would not allow him into the house. When not drinking alcohol, my father was a very sober schoolteacher. For sure, he had the gift of teaching. However, he wasted such a precious gift on alcohol usage as soon as he received the paycheck.

    My mother had to handle all that pressure and drama since my siblings and I were young to understand what was going on. The situation got worse when my eldest brother was joining high school, and dad couldn’t afford his school fees despite his hefty paycheck. My mother had hope that her husband would return to Jesus Christ one day despite all that. She would read the bible and pray every day.

    In December 2008, my father suddenly stopped drinking alcohol. He also stopped hanging out with the bad company that led him to the bar. We were all surprised to see our father start going to church. The priest prayed for him in front of his family and the congregation. Since then, to date, my father has never tasted alcohol. Jesus Christ saved him. He took his gift of teaching to the church, organizing teenager meetings, and teaching them about Christ. I thank God that my father is now a respected church elder and a born-again Christian. He is also a very responsible father.

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