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    No One Is Like Our God, He Loves Us With An Everlasting Love.

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    God loves us with eternal an everlasting love, and His love runs deeper than any other love you have ever or you will ever experience. God’s love is indescribable. The signature of His love runs much deeper than the foundations of the universe. Even before the earth was formed, He still loved you. God’s love is everlasting, and His goodness and greatness are unsearchable.

    No one is like our God. No one can compare to His compassion and loving-kindness. The love of Jesus Christ will lift you out of any hole that you might enter. His love will block any trap, assignment, or snare that the enemy attempts to deploy. The love of Christ will lead you through the wilderness. It will protect you through every storm. His love is so perfect that nothing can compare. Jeremiah 31:3, God’s love is everlasting and all-powerful. His love is unconditional and is extended to all people. His love goes far beyond human understanding.

    When you read prophet Jeremiah’s message about God’s love, it brings hope and restoration even during your deep darkest moments. He demonstrated His love by letting His only begotten son die on the cross so that you and me we can be saved. When Jesus died on the cross, He gave us an opportunity for mercy, forgiveness, and everlasting life. This is well defined in John 17:3.

    Therefore, relax knowing that God loves you with everlasting love, and His love protects, forgives, and rejoices in the truth. God knew before creation that we would turn out to be disobedient. He, therefore, chose a path for us to be saved from our sins. We should not see God as our punish-er or rather as our Father who has a plan and a purpose for our lives. God loves us without looking onto our performances.

    People will validate you based on what you do for them. People will validate you based on your actions that contribute to their well-being, But God will not validate you on this. He will validate you based on the relationship you have with Him. You should work towards improving your relationship with God because if you know that someone of more importance loves you, and that is God, you do not care about the opinions of others. We are not loved because we deserve His love, but because Jesus Himself is love.

    Most of us think that we understand how God loves, but our actions and experiences prove otherwise. Since we are all humans, we feel discouraged, lonely, depressed, and defeated. These negative emotions are turned positive if we understand God’s love for us.

    We can all agree that some are hard to love when it comes to loving others. Because we do not understand God’s love for us, we fail to love others. You cannot give away what you do not have. Therefore, if you receive a complete revelation of God’s everlasting love for us, it gets easy to love others with the love that God has given to us.

    We struggle to believe that what God has promised to us will come to be, and that’s what we call unbelief, but the root of all this unbelief is the lack of love. Galatians 5:6 tells us that faith works by love. This means that when we have love, we have faith and when love diminishes, faith stops being what it should be.

    When I was 13, my family was in a desperate situation. My dad was our sole breadwinner, and he had quit his job believing that he had a calling to serve in full-time ministry. The result was obvious; we were hurting financially. We had gone for two days without food, and the only thing we had was a few cokes and a bag of Frito’s our friend had given us. Our faith was beginning to fade, and we were hanging on to our last hope that God would supply our needs, but our hungry stomachs were taking the better part of us and screaming words of unbelief at us.

    One morning mum took the last penny and drove with our car to the laundry. When she was gone, dad headed into our prayer room, and I could hear him crying and saying,” Jesus, I don’t understand. I would give my everything to feed my family. I believe You love us more than I love my family, and yet You aren’t taking care of us.” We had let our current situation blind us to God’s love, which was why faith did not bear any fruits.

    Later he told us that God had spoken to him clearly through Luke 12:32, which says, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” He suddenly realized his unbelief had made him forget how God loves us. God gets no pleasure from watching us suffer and starve.

    When mum returned from the laundry, dad assured us that we would eat meat for supper. After the afternoon service, a church member invited us to his home for prayers. Maybe they would feed us, but the prayers lasted for about two hours, but there was no food. The man gave us beef steak and turkey meat as we were about to leave. We went home, and mum prepared a delicious meal.

    When our friend gave us meat that evening, he told us that he had visited our apartment that morning to deliver food, but he assumed we were gone since he could not see our car. However, the only time the vehicle was gone was when mum went to the laundry, and all this time, dad was praying. When dad got the new revelation of how God loves us, our food supply came through. He indeed wanted to give us food more than we wanted Him to, but our lack of faith in His love had hindered Him. As soon as we opened up to His love, our faith was revived, and we had plenty of supplies. In Ephesians chapter 3, Paul prayed to God that the Ephesians would have a clear revelation of God’s love for them. We should emulate Paul and pray that God reveals His love to us and make us understand Him better!

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