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    Our True Source of Hope

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    We are living in times of much change and uncertainty. Even before the recent unprecedented virus threats, our world has been experiencing political unrest, changes in social culture, economic swings, and day-to-day changes that leave us in a state of never knowing what to expect next. Anxiety levels are increasing as hope is decreasing all around us.

    What do we do, then, in this volatile world that we live in? Do we dig our heels in and plow through? Do we enter survival mode and try to get through it alive? Or do we bury our heads in the sand and try to ignore it all, living in ignorant bliss? Fortunately, the answer is – “none of the above.”

    As believers, our hope is built on so much more than what we see around us. The world we live in is unstable, unsteady, often unforgiving, and unrelenting. Our God is none of those things. The word of God tells us that Christ was “foreordained before the foundation of the world” (1 Peter 1:18-20) and that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). The same Savior that walked this earth doing miracles and changing peoples’ lives is the same Savior that is within you today. This is where our hope lies.

    Many people today are looking for something, anything, in which to place their hope. Be it money, a career, a relationship, a calling of some kind…something that will give them a reason to keep going, something to believe in during the hard times. These things are all fine in themselves, but they are not unshakeable like most things in this life. Money doesn’t last; relationships fail, careers end. What do you do when what you’ve placed all your hope in suddenly is gone?

    This is why it is critical to “Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth” (Colossians 3:2). When we look around, we see all the horrors of this world happening every day – disease, violence, abuse, war – and our hope takes a beating. But when we look up…when we fix our eyes on Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith and the true source of all our hope, we are strengthened in Him. We walk in His hope, not ours. His power, not ours.

    Now, does this mean that we won’t have or shouldn’t have any problems or worries? Of course not. We are a part of this fallen world. Life happens to us, as believers, just like it does to everyone else. The difference is, we have an arsenal of weapons at our disposal to combat the fear, stress, and hopelessness so that it doesn’t get the best of us. All the promises of God belong to us, as His children, and He is more than enough to handle all of our circumstances.

    However, the key to this hope lies in our willingness to believe it and employ our faith to receive it. We need to declare, as in 2 Timothy 1:12, that regularly “…I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He can keep what I have committed to Him until that day.” The God of the universe created you, knows you, and cares deeply for you. He is intimately connected to you and desires only the best for you. He will take care of you. He will. But we must believe this, or our disbelief can forfeit all that He wants to do in our lives.

    See, you are not some random number in a giant database of human beings. You were created on purpose for a purpose. And the God that created you wants you to fulfill that purpose. But we must commit ourselves to Him. When problems come, as they do, pray. Don’t worry and fret until you become a stressed-out bundle of nerves. Ask Him for the help that He wants to give you. He told us to “be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7).

    Jesus came so that we may have life and “have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). An abundant life is one of peace, joy, love, strength, and hope. All of this is found in Him. When life threatens to steal these from you, especially your hope, turn your eyes to the One with an endless supply, he’s there, waiting, and more than able to meet your need.

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