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Monday, July 22, 2024
    HomeWisdomOver Coming Struggles; Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Over Coming Struggles; Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    Writer: Timothy Thompson; I Care smiley

    We all make mistakes, don’t we? Its human nature to be pulled in many directions, even tempted from time to time. Perhaps many view Jesus Christ as a man who is like a boss and tells you how to behave and live.

    But this is not the case; you see, brothers and sisters, God loved us so much that he sent his son to pay the price for our sins. 

    Many think that they have no responsibility to overcome sin and that the Ten commandments mean nothing in our modern-day world. First; We teach our children not to cross the street. You get up every morning and sacrifice your time; watch your child; teach them; right from wrong. They do good; you reward them. Months go by; you tell your children to remember, do not cross the street; look both ways before crossing and only when I am with you.

    A couple of days later, an ice cream truck approaches, and the child gets excited and runs towards the street towards the ice cream truck. Though the child was taught not to cross the road unless her parents were watching, the temptation for the child to have something sweet took over. 

    As the child runs toward the Ice cream truck, a motorcycle rushes around the corner and almost hits the child who came from nowhere around the corner vehicle. The child fell to the ground and luckily only scratches her knee; she will be ok. 

    However, the motorcycle guy was not so lucky and was rushed to the hospital; over time, his injuries would heal, but he will never ride a bike again.  

    God gives us rules because he loves us so dearly, and he doesn’t do it to control us, but Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, they do it to protect us from sin. What is sin? The following is just a small list. 

    • Lust.
    • Greed.
    • Sloth.
    • Wrath.
    • Envy.
    • Pride.


    When it comes down to it, whether it is drinking, smoking, or doing drugs, it all about giving up the things that will harm us both physically and spiritually. 

    There is a saying; live in the world but not of the world, as Christian’s, it’s what we strive to do. 

    If we can imagine ourselves with no weakness, we would become a new person, much happier and free from the things that keep us down, our shortcomings and sins. We would love all people and the people who do give us a hard time; we’ll pray for their souls; in the hope that they can experience a new everlasting change. 

    You may even feel like you can’t do it; that old devil, really old devil; Satan wants you to believe it’s not possible. But the first step is to have the desire to change; without passion, you’ll lose the battle. The 2nd is to get on your knees and ask God for help. Pray often and believe you can do it! 

    Overcoming is a lifetime process; write down a list of the things you need to overcome and work on one by one, and your list will become smaller. 

    Draw closer to God; hang around people who feel the same as you do, believers in Christ. You even read my other articles? Remember, your not alone; believe it. Pray every day, and it will change things; God be with you! 

    Originally posted 2021-08-14 07:39:32.


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