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    Preparing For The End of Days; It’s Here!

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    What a time to be alive. What a time to be a Christian when what was foretold in the scriptures unfolds right before our eyes. If the early church believers were alive right now, they would be watching the sky for the final signs and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly, our generation is blinded from seeing Jesus, and many prophets talked of the end times’ signs. Isn’t the foretold calamity, war, and social decay not what is happening right now?


    It is heartbreaking just how many lives have been lost in only a few months of the coronavirus pandemic. Over 6000 people now die daily from COVID19, and we are not at its worst yet. It has turned the entire world upside down. Our entire way of life was brought to a halt. None has been spared from the kings and leaders in their mighty castles to the pauper on the streets. Before you start wondering just why it is happening, remember it was written that in the end, great tribulations and affliction would befall us.

    The coronavirus crisis has surpassed many other plaques by affecting virtually every country and having a potential like never seen before in the history of man. It meets all the criteria of great tribulation, as recorded in the gospel books (Mathew 24:15-22).

    Experts estimate that if the coronavirus pandemic is not brought under control, we may end up with as much as half the world’s population wiped out! You may have lost loved ones or have tested positive for the disease and are wondering what is happening. I am genuinely sorry for what you are going through. May our Lord grant you the strength to weather this storm and the affliction we must endure in these times.

    Brink of World War 3

    If you watch the news, you may have noticed just how close we were to a world war earlier this year. The hostility between nations was palpable as angry words were exchanged, and attacks happened. As the temperatures were rising, nations were aligning behind the opponents, which was setting a stage for immense destruction. With the amount of nuclear power and weaponry available in this day and age, a war will mean civilization as we know it gets wiped away.

    The hostility, however, is still there, and all we need is some little aggression, and we tip over into a full-scale war. When Jesus Christ said in the end nation will rise against nation, this state is what He referred to in those words. (Luke 21:10-34)


    Another sign foretold was great earthquakes. You may be just lucky enough to live in a place you rarely feel earthquakes, but the truth is, there have been a rising number of strong earthquakes. You may not know it, but in the first quarter of this year alone, there have been over 456 earthquakes of over 5.0 in magnitude. That is besides countless more that are lesser in magnitude. It is truly remarkable just how everything is happening altogether.

    Social Decay

    You by now already know just how corrupt society has been. The level of sexual pervasion, immorality, drug abuse, absurd sexual desires, hate, lies, pornography addiction, and other evil temptations among Christians alone is dizzying. Brainwashing by movies, advertisements, and mass media, in general, has left us insensitive to just how fallen we are from grace. Corruption, abortion, murder, and many great sins that would have left the early church shuddering and crying in anguish for mercy do not even raise an eyebrow now.

    In answering the disciples about what signs would point to the end of time, Christ said these things would be happening and look at what we have now.

    New World Order

    Perhaps what drives this point home best is assessing the words of David Rockefeller. He said that all we need to accept the new world order is the right major crisis. And the coronavirus pandemic seems to be just the right crisis. If you thought the Illuminati, Freemasons, and other secret organizations were just a myth, think again. They are working day and night to put in place a one-world government (666) as foretold, and the time is ripe.

    Don’t we have the Deep State in most countries that control the government from the shadows? All they need is to crawl out of the shadows with a seemingly workable solution when most governments have been brought to their knees by the pandemic and boom; we will be under the new world order.

    The book of revelations explains how this new world order will work and change our lives, and it seems that everything happening right now is straight from that script.

    We Shall Make It

    Although it feels like we are in dark times and headed for darker ones, in the end, we shall be victorious. We only need to persevere the great tribulations that our Lord Jesus said must come to pass. What a privilege to be alive right now as the end of time unfolds. I pray that you stand firm and hold on to the cross because the master does not allow an affliction greater than you can withstand. Let us keep our eyes on the cross and turn from our evil ways, for it is the end. If we die before our Lord comes riding on a cloud, we shall be raised.

    Originally posted 2021-06-05 12:50:41.



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