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    Real Hope: Restoration

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    “Making things new” and “making new things” are two phrases with completely different meanings- The first phrase is the art of restoring what “was” into what was initially intended to be, while the latter means creating something that has never existed.

    Restoration of our hope is central to the very heart of our Creator and His plan for humanity, from the fall of man, which was thousands of years ago- a fall that diverted us from the path of God or somewhat separated us from walking with our father. God designed a plan in place so dedicated, so profound, and so painstakingly beautiful that it took many years to come to fruition.

    He planned to restore us to Him, to “make all things new,” and to wipe every tear from our eyes. But keep in mind that restoration takes time and requires the deepest knowledge of how something was created and how it was intended to be. God could have wiped humanity or everything He had made and began a fresh, but that was not His plan. God so loved and cherished His creation that although restoration would take a lot of time and high cost, including sacrificing His only son, it was worth it all.

    As I read the bible and explore God’s heart of restoration for His Children, I get amazed by His compassion, His tenderness towards us, and His care which enables me to feel safe as I draw closer to Him to be restored.

    The fact that Jesus did not condemn the woman who had sinned- committed adultery does not mean that He did not care about it. The intention of Christ was to redeem the woman’s life from the destructive nature of that particular sin.

    There is hope in you too. Jesus is also ready to pour out His mountain of grace on your life. His grace is more significant than our sin, even when we have hurt Him so profoundly and personally. Jesus wants to restore our relationship with Him and make it better than before.

    Bring your life back to Christ and especially the area of your sin back into a full commitment to the love and leadership of Jesus Christ. By this, you will feel the restoration process begin to work once again. You will be like that tree in psalm 1:3 ” trees planted by the streams of water-bearing fruits every season and their leaves do not wither but grow and prosper every day.”

    Real hope comes from putting your trust in Jesus. He came to solve or rather deliver us from a challenge that every human being faces, called “sin.” The bible tells us that we all fall short of who and what God wants us to be because of the bad things we do. Because of our awful actions, sin blocks or separates us from God. However, Jesus came to this earth more than two thousand years ago to redeem us and pay the price for our sins. When Christ died on the cross, He broke the power of death and sin and established a new relationship with God for every human being. His promise of a new life to us became sure by defeating death.

    When you let Jesus Christ take control of your life, He will bring restoration and real hope to you that is precious, like rain falling in a desert or drought-ridden land. With Jesus in your life, you will always face your problems with Him, and you will know victory instead of failure. He will put your life together again and walk with you from the beginning to the end.

    I was brought up in a faithful Christian family and attended a gospel-preaching church.

    However, during my teenage life, in a state of cognitive dissonance, I was occasionally pursuing the pleasures of this world. It started as an obsession with pornography which led to masturbation and finally a high degree of fornication and immorality.

    The double life of Christ and worldly pleasures was exhausting, and ultimately, my transgressions were revealed. When confronted, I expressed remorse in an attempt to convince them that I was repentant, but later I would go with my lust. My heart became more hardened, and I stopped bothering to cover my sins. In the next five years, I tried to find my satisfaction in the approval of my misleading friends and physical pleasures.

    However, after I lost my close friend, I accepted an invitation to a gospel-centered church where discipline and membership were practiced with fidelity. I was assigned a very friendly mentor, and this is when I disclosed my weakness to him. He created a program where we held a bible study and devotion session every evening. The desire to accept restoration in my heart was revived, and this was my turning point. Hope flooded in my heart, and from then, God gave me a new beginning. By God’s grace, I turned away from my sins and began to serve Him and thrive.

    Still, on you, it is never too late to ask for help from God through prayer, and He will send you a mentor who will whole-hardheartedly guide you from that sin that you are struggling to avoid. He will shine His light on you, and you will rejoice again due to His unlimited grace.

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