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    The Only Real Answer is Prayer

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    You may not know or understand how to pray, but God sent us a helper-the Holy Spirit, and He is ready to help you Pray. When we call onto His name, He hears us and helps us. Keep in mind that prayer is not an interruption to God. It is an invitation to come closer or deeper in communion with Him. You can connect with God now and discover the life-changing power of Christ’s presence with you through prayer.

    If you are a believer of Christ, prayer is your only way to carry forward the life that God has given you. The word clarifies that prayer is not only essential, but it is the best option. God wants to move his followers to an elevated level in prayer. Jesus wants you to do more than talk about prayer but be marked with prayer. W have been called to be an intercessor alongside Christ as the chief intercessor. In Romans 8:34 and Hebrews, 7:25, Jesus lives to make intercession for us, and that’s what He is doing now.

    Jesus Christ is our role model in everything, including prayer. He can never ask us to do something that He has never done. This world desperately needs a church committed to prayer, and the only way to bring God’s kingdom to earth is by joining our voices with others in the church and praying with humility.

    Are you suffering hardships? You ought to pray. Are you happy? You should pray and sing praises. Are you sick? You should call your church members and your pastor to come and pray over you in the name of God. A prayer offered in faith will heal you, and God will make you well. If you have committed any sins, Jesus will forgive you. The earnest prayer of a righteous being is powerful and produces excellent results. Elijah was human, just like us, yet when he prayed to God that no rain would fall, there was no rain for about three and a half years. When he prayed again, God sent down rain, and the earth began to produce crops again.

    If you read the book of Genesis, Chapters 20, 24, and 25, you will find out that the prayers of ordinary people like you and me have great and powerful results. When you read these chapters, you come to see that prayers that produce powerful results are normal in the eyes of God.

    Often we are afraid to pray for situations or people we love because we worry that we will be disappointed if God does not answer our prayers. We do not pray because we do not want to be let down. However, the more vulnerable and intimate we are willing to be in prayer, the more God does wonders in our hearts.

    Jesus loved speaking in parables, and one day he told his disciples a story that showed them how they should never give up on prayers. “He told them a story of a judge who neither feared God nor worried or cared about people. A widow of that city approached him repeatedly, saying, “Give me justice in this dispute with my enemy.” The judge ignored the window for a while, but he finally agreed, “I don’t fear about God nor do I care about others, but this widow is driving me crazy. I will ensure that she gets justice because she is bothering and wearing me out with her persistent requests.”

    Jesus then told His disciples to learn a lesson from this unfair judge. He provided an unbiased decision in the end. He asked them, “don’t you think God will surely give justice to His chosen people who pray or rather cry out to Him every day. Will God keep putting them off?” He will also grant justice to them. Jesus then asked, “How many will I find on the earth who have faith when I return?” My only hope is that we keep our faith burning until the end. We reach a moment where the only thing we think of is prayer. Tragedy, unrest, uncertainties, insecurity, and fear bring even the most self-assured individuals down to their knees.

    With the current situation about the Russia-Ukraine war, we need to keep everything else aside, knell down on our knees, pray with faith and humility and ask God to intervene. God loves us, and we are sure that He will answer our prayers if we pray persistently in faith and believe!


    Jesus taught not pray only to be seen by others. Instead, find a quiet, secret place to pray openly without disruption. He also taught not to use vain repetitions, but to be sincere and think about what we say during each prayer.

    We begin our prayers by addressing our Father in Heaven. We then tell Him about our days, what’s on our minds, what we are thankful for, and what we need from Him. When we ask God for things, we should do it with humble hearts. It is better to seek to know what God wants for us than it is to focus on what we want.

    While there should be order and reverence to how we pray, our prayers are conversations with Heavenly Father, so we can talk openly with Him. There is no time limit on prayers. We close our prayers with this phrase: “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

    Some may think the only way to pray is on our knees, eyes closed, heads bowed, and arms folded. This manner of prayer shows our respect to God, but it is not the only way to pray.

    We can also be standing or sitting when we pray. We can pray out loud or have a silent prayer in our hearts. Elder Russell M. Nelson has told us that, “Physical position is less important than is spiritual submission to God.”

    Prayer is a powerful thing. It’s how we show God our love for Him, and how we express our love to God and feel His love for us. It’s how we receive peace and comfort in our lives, as well as answers to the big and small questions we have. We must sincerely pray to our Heavenly Father, and we must pray often.

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