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    Welcome To “The Believers Place”; Message, Update For 2022.

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    My name is Timothy Thompson, and I am the creator of this website.

    I have had a passion for prophecy most of my life since I was a child. It just seems like if God gave us the scriptures that we should understand it. So, of course, one of my favorite books has been the book of Revelation. 

    If one can understand the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, one can understand the timing of the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. Now about 2010, I kicked it up a notch and asked Heavenly Father a question. I wanted so much to understand the truth about prophecies related to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. 

    What followed was a miracle from God; many answers came from the spirit as I studied and prayed. Another miracle was one person God placed in my life and he had discovered some creditable information from the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. This was coming out for the first time. But, unfortunately, I believe few understand it or even would give it a chance. Remember, though, we’re talking about a true understanding of the scriptures regarding the many prophecies in the bible. I understand that many are trying to play it safe. But this is the real deal. When you understand the many prophecies, it’s really breathtaking, one after the other. It’s like having a checklist. Many of those prophecies have happened since 1935.

    People taught that these specific chapters had already happened, and this was false. But, of course, if Satan can convince people it has already taken place, why would anyone study it. I took a hard look at chapters 8, 7, and 11 in the book of Daniel, and what I noticed was that those chapters were about our day. I understood that Jesus, Daniel and John the revelator saw the many things that will lead to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.  

    In Daniel chapter 8:19, we read;

    And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed, the end shall be.

    Many people will ignore this verse and believe what others have to say; yes, Satan is slick. My desire to learn the many prophecies and my love for the savior had me creating a documentary film about what I had learned. I realized there are eight Kings, one after the other, in successive order covering about 100 years. 

    So, for example, eight Kings in Iran leading up to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. What king in Iran are we on at this very moment in time? 

    You’ll have to read my articles if you want to know the answer; it will give you much more appreciation for the savior. I can tell you that things are happening right now and will continue to happen in the coming years. Please study so you can realize just how close we are to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. It’s a wonderful blessing to have this knowledge, but it comes with a responsibility to share it with others.  

    Back to the documentary, so yes, I am working on it and have been for a very long time. I will do the last stages hopefully soon; teaching and editing the film. But while you’re waiting, please read the articles.

    There are many articles on this website that share the same things that will be on the documentary. Though an extensive article; You can check it out below. This will give you the wow factor once you truly understand it! So when you try to grasp it, realize this, you’ll be witnessing the absolute truth. So pray about it; study it until you see it in your mind and press forward. 

    I knew I needed a website to help me promote the documentary film, so I worked on it. As time went by, I realized I needed enough on the website to keep people coming back. I added an article page and recently made some significant changes; it’s now a WordPress theme article page with many excellent articles. In addition, one can listen to the many articles. (audio)

    I got aggressive; I added a YouTube channel in 2021 that currently does not have any videos. Check out the YouTube channel below. This is still in the planning stages and will be a while. 


    Everything that I have done is part of “THE BELIEVERS PLACE”.  


    Have something you like to share;

    Testimonies: Do you have a powerful testimony in the Lord Jesus Christ? Send it to me and I’ll post it.

    Honesty and truth are essential to me; there are thousands of different religions teaching different things, yet there is only one truth; that separates this website. Though I am not perfect, some writers share a topic that I may not fully agree with, but sometimes it can mean something different in the eyes of the reader. Therefore, knowledge is critical so that we have a better understanding of the truth. I believe this is so important that we study and pray every day. You’re invited to read the articles.   

    1. New This Year; Three Counters on the right side bar. You can view and see how many people are actually online at any given moment.
    2. The menu now has a question section; were you can ask questions about the site and about prophecies unfolding in our day.
    3. I just added a scripture of the day, so come back and read some of the best scriptures from the word of God. (Bible)
    4. THE TIME LINE – Check out the time line of events over the many years. The past present and future events.This is not complete and I’ll continue to work on it. For a better understanding requires he study of the many articles posted on this site.

    5. To Soon, but I am working of a chat for better communication with others who love Christ and would to learn more about the coming Prophecies in our day.

    If you have anything that you think would make the web site better, please feel free to get in contact with me.

    May God be with you; Timothy Thompson.

    Originally posted 2021-06-20 10:26:20.


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