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    What Is Stealing Your Joy? You Can Rejoice In The Lord Always.

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    Sometimes as Christians, we go through tough times that we even find ourselves losing the joy we had before the circumstance we are in now. However, as followers of Christ, we are supposed to rejoice at all times no matter the situation, as long as we still have a strong faith in God. Our faith in God gives us eternal joy, but circumstances take control once we lose our faith, and we start responding to things with negative emotions. While happiness is only there for a moment because of some positive things like a promotion at the workplace, joy is long-lasting and is never determined by any circumstance. The source of real and eternal joy is God. When we remain rooted in God, we can go through difficult situations that do not contribute to our happiness yet maintain our happiness.

    Even though worldly achievements and possessions, as well as family and friends, may give us happiness that will ultimately contribute to joy, we need to have faith in God to sustain our joy even at the time of losses and failures. The word of God tells us to consider it pure joy anytime we face trials of different kinds since testing our faith gives perseverance James1: 2-3.

    Joy does not come easy in times of difficulty, and during our difficult times, we tend to be easily carried away by worries and anxiety. But, the good news is that God gives us a better way! When we are struggling, we can still experience pure joy by choosing to silence our inner voices and trust in God on a deeper level than before.

    True joy cannot be taken away from us. Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the joy of the Lord is our strength. The Bible informs us Christians that true joy comes from God, and He has given it to us forever. The joy that is found in the presence of God is not static but transforms and regenerates us. In this era, the joy we experience is deeper and more meaningful. We feel happy because of our circumstances or situation. We are so glad because someone or something made us happy, but being joyful is within us. Many people have everything they want, but they are not satisfied. On the other hand, many people are poor or have little in life, but they have true joy deep within them.

    There is a famous story told of a boy whose family was extremely wealthy.

    One day, together with his dad, they embarked on a trip to the country where his dad intended to show him how poor people live. They arrived at a farm of a low-income family, as his dad considered. They stayed there for some days. On their return, the dad asked his son whether he liked the trip. The son said the trip was great. His dad asked him whether he noticed how poor people lived, and the boy responded that he had witnessed. His dad wanted to know in more detail about his impression of the trip.

    He answered that ” we have only one dog, but they have four.

    Our garden has a pool, but they have a river that has no end. We have expensive lanterns, but they have stars above their heads at night. When we have a patio, they boast an entire horizon. We have a small piece of land, but they have massive fields. We buy food while they grow it. We have a fence to protect us and our property, but they have friends to protect them.” His father was overwhelmed by the reply that he could not alter a single word. The boy concluded by thanking his father for letting him see how poor they are. This story teaches us that material things do not measure true joy. Friendship, love, and freedom are more valuable.

    You will find joy when you let God be in charge. He always cloth us in joy and goes on to turn our mourning into dancing. From the book of Galatians 5:22-23, joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the spirit is joy, peace, love, kindness, faithfulness, forbearance, self-control, and gentleness.

    Against these things, there is no law. This is an excellent bible verse on joy since it draws a beautiful image of the marks of a good Christian life.

    Philippians 4:4-8 Rejoice always! This is a compelling sentiment. God does not want us to rejoice or rather have joy when things go as we expect them to go. Joy is there waiting for us in any circumstance, whether good or bad.

    You will always find joy in chaos if you focus on the things for which you are thankful. Paul could have recalled the woman possessed with demon upsetting his preaching ten years back in Philippi. Also, he could have remembered his beatings and arrest. Paul could have remembered being kicked out of the city and his imprisonment. But Paul was nobody’s victim, and he did not dwell on the past. Instead, he recalled the good side of the Phillipians: their faithfulness, their conversation, their continued perseverance, and their participation in the gospel. The only way to curb victim-hood mentality within ourselves is by replacing it with joy and gratefulness. If you need joy, always begin with the daily gratitude challenge and allow God to be in charge. If God brought you to it, it means He will see you through it. Allow God to take your mess. Release yourself from the throne and let Christ be your King. Just remember that Joy is an attitude of heart that is determined by your confidence in God. When you keep this in your mind, it will always be easy to find joy within you.

    According to John 16:24, always ask anything in the name of Jesus Christ, and it shall be given to you, and your joy will be complete.

    May God bless you and may you have joy always in the Lord.

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