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    A God of Restoration- He Restored My Life.

    Article title: A God of Restoration- He Restored My Life. ‘He Makes Beauty for Ashes’

    Username of the writer: RBrahmbhatt

    I had always looked to be married off in a colorful church wedding since I have been brought up in a firm Christian background. So, when this time came, I knew that it was everything I ever dreamt about. I had my wedding in August 2014, and deep in my mind, I knew that marriage was ‘all bliss.’ I never thought of any potholes, bumpy roads, hitches, or setbacks along this journey.

    For sure, I looked forward to all the glories of marriage and glorifying God in the God-ordained union. In September 2014, when I realized that I was expectant, we became excited and looked forward to holding the blessing in our arms. However, this joy was cut short almost 3months down the line after a gynecologist confirmed that I had a blighted ovum, which is a condition where fertilization occurs outside the uterus; hence you’re pregnant, yet with no embryo. I was placed on general anesthesia, where the doctor removed the gestational sac. It was sad, but I remained hopeful.

    In February 2015, I realized that I was expectant again. I broke the news to my husband, and we were both very excited. We took all measures to ensure that nothing will be a barrier to a smooth pregnancy journey. One of the tough decisions we made was for me to leave the 1-month old job and take a full-time rest at home so that my husband would work his best for us as I relax for the entire pregnancy season.

    Everything went on well till on my almost 7th month of pregnancy. One evening, I had some weird feelings, and on informing my husband, he took me to the nearest hospital for a check-up; it was around 7 pm. I had my vitals checked on reaching there, and the nurse on duty stared at me with eyes wide open. She told us that my blood pressure was dangerously high, and I must be admitted. My blood pressure (BP) check was repeated several but kept going higher and higher.

    A few days later, I became so swollen, from face to toe, and I couldn’t see well. I kept seeing stars all the time. I was sent to a senior gynecologist who prescribed more blood pressure medications and kept me in check. The body swelling continued, and my face turned dark- the doctors couldn’t wait longer.

    I was transferred to a bigger hospital. By this time, I had a killer headache and kept telling my hubby that I am dying. He kept placing wet handkerchiefs on my forehead; that would dry within minutes because of how hot my head felt. It reached a point that I couldn’t understand what was happening around me. I became confused.

    On arrival at the bigger hospital, I was immediately admitted to the emergency ward of the maternity wing. I remember seeing about ten doctors surrounding my bed, and they appeared very worried. Within some hours, my family members began arriving; the senior doctors had told my husband to call them in. I was placed on different drips of medication that paralyzed me on the bed. I overheard a nurse saying that one of the drips was to prevent me from convulsions. I couldn’t understand how things were happening so fast.

    So, the crew of doctors came in again and told my family members that my situation was dire and that they were forced to deliver me immediately (prematurely at 7months pregnant). There was silence in the room, and then one doctor told my family, ‘however, we might lose both; the mother and the baby. The condition she is in is so bad…’ I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia and hellp syndrome (Hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets). All these are life-threatening pregnancy conditions.

    The doctors said that the tests done revealed that I had a breakdown of red blood cells, low platelets, and now my liver and kidneys were also shutting down. Everyone was dumbfounded. The doctor said that I again had a very high risk of bleeding to death during delivery with low platelets. This was when every hope and strength was in our God. Things were bad. As I was whisked for delivery, I cried as I left my family behind. I knew I was going to die, just as the doctors said.

    My family members camped around the hospital, praying earnestly because that is the only important thing they could do at that time. Everything else was in the hands of doctors.

    Friends, who undoubtedly is like God, He says in Deuteronomy 31:6, that, “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will never leave nor forsake you.” On 17th July 2015, at 11:00 pm, I was induced to deliver and came out alive against all the odds. I lost so much blood, was very sick and weak, but I still woke up. Doctors contemplated platelet transfusion, which never happened by the grace of God. My platelets began adding up naturally. I remember my family was outside the delivery room, waiting anxiously, and my husband was in tears.

    Our daughter weighed 820 grams and was admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) due to lung incompetence. She was placed on oxygen plus feeding tubes. She, however, passed on 2days later. I went into depression. I couldn’t believe it.

    A patient brought in with a case closely similar to mine and admitted to the next bed passed away during delivery to make matters worse. I was very depressed, and my blood pressure went even higher, knowing how dangerous the situation indeed was. My husband, too, was so low, shedding tears constantly. People who visited in the hospital kept encouraging me that I should be grateful to God, for He spared my life from the hands of death. Indeed I was very grateful, yet still, the pain in me was too much-we had lost our baby, who was the only hope at that dreadful moment.

    My health improved by the day, and on discharge from the hospital, I was advised never to get pregnant again. The specialists said that I was a high risk in pregnancy and that in case I do, I should be ready for the worst.
    I went into depression for months. I would sleep day and night and never wished to face the day. I found life so meaningless- so much had happened to us within the 1st year of our marriage. My husband, too, left his lecturing job at a University.

    Friends, who undoubtedly is like our God, Isaiah 41:10, “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Ten months down the line after the tragedy, I became pregnant again. When we knew about this, the devil gave us a scare, especially after being termed a ‘high risk’ in pregnancy by senior doctors in a big hospital and advised never to get pregnant again.

    We became so prayerful. We have been through so much in our first year of marriage. We have drawn so much closer to God than we have ever done before. It was only in God where we found peace. My clinics were done by specialists weekly due to my previous cases, full of lab tests. We kept praying without ceasing, day and night, at home, at clinics, I mean, anywhere.

    We took a day at a time. Surprisingly, the pregnancy became so smooth, like never before. I carried the full pregnancy and gave birth to a baby girl in February 2017. I gave birth at the same hospital as previously, and the same doctors who termed me as high risk and advised me against any other pregnancy in my entire life were amazed. They even told me that, indeed, my God is so powerful. It felt good knowing that when we reach the end of the rope and rely on God alone, He comes in powerfully and fights the battles for us. He never shames us.

    Fast forward to September 2017, my daughter was only 6months old when I found out that I was about 2months pregnant again. Sincerely, I was scared since my daughter was very young and still breastfeeding, but I heard an inner voice whispering firmly to me, ‘my daughter, do not be afraid, it is PAYBACK TIME.’ This assurance from God gave me total relaxation. For sure, the pregnancy went on so smoothly again, and on 26th May 2018, I gave birth to a baby boy.

    My daughter is now 3years 1month old, and my son is one year nine months. Surely, who is like our God? When He says yes, nobody can say no. We serve Mighty God more than we can ever imagine. Let’s keep trusting Him fully, for He alone can never shame us. AMEN!

    May the Lord strengthen your mind, body, and spirit today. Where you are weary, may you be refreshed, when you are torn, may you be renewed, when you’re broken, may you be restored, where you are fearful, may you become faithful. Walk with complete confidence today, knowing that the Lord Almighty is with you.

    Originally posted 2021-06-11 06:54:15.



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