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    There Is Much Hope In Jesus

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    God created the universe and everything in it first before creating a human being. He later created humankind who were meant to live on this earth. God is All-knowing and understands man in and out as he is the creator. He instilled joy in him and has always been wishing good for him. However, we undergo many challenges in our lives, with Satan being in the front line to bring about temptations. As a Christian and a believer, you should not lose hope despite the challenges you face. Always know that Jesus is with you, he loves, and he will never let you suffer.

    I have faced challenges, but the most significant is what I experienced during my early adulthood ages. Overcoming the challenge was a miracle to me, and it made me believe that Jesus is the answer to all problems. When I pursued my undergraduate studies, I fell in love with a certain girl on the campus. As you know, this is a normal feeling for many young men, especially university comrades. So I approached the young lady, and we started a relationship. I had not engaged in any relationship before, and so I gave her my whole heart. I felt that planting my love for her will bring me peace of mind, but I was mistaken.

    After some months, the unexpected occurred, and I was severely heartbroken. The lady terminated the relationship for no concrete reasons. I felt so bad and was deeply depressed, trying to contemplate what could have caused her to cease the relationship. This affected me so much to the extent of depriving myself of my allies. I was a lonely person full of sorrow, and many at times, I could get emotional, and tears could cascade down my visage. A few weeks later, my mother, who was hospitalized due to cancer, passed away. My heart was now full of sorrow, and I felt lonely and not wanted by the world. Why do all these happen to me? Hopeless questions were ringing inside my mind.

    I eventually lost my appetite and could not concentrate on my studies. Satan started instilling evil thoughts in my mind, and slowly I found myself starting using drugs. I thought that consuming drugs will bring relief and happiness in my life, but I was mistaken. Satan was cheering, seeing me succumbing to this menace. Verily, I had lost direction in my life and started misbehaving, which led to my expulsion from the university. The move I had taken to bring joy and comfort to me has succumbed to even more problems. Where else will I get support and be happy again in my life? This was a question that I was asking myself as I felt hopeless.

    One night when I was on my bed, some thoughts stroke my mind, which was the beginning of my new life. I lied on my bed, contemplating my existence, and remembered that the Almighty brought me into this world. Jesus Christ is my only hope and the only one who will restore the lost happiness in my life. Therefore, I ought not to love anyone more as I should do to my Lord. At this time, I realized that I need to go back to my Lord and create a good relationship with him, for he is Merciful. The next day I made my way to a nearby church and met a pastor with whom I shared my story. He helped me and led me in prayer, and after that, I felt like a load has been uplifted from me.

    Today I am a devoted Christian and am living a happy life with Jesus. My soul was longing for salvation, and I found it in His Word. I completed my university studies and got an excellent job. I did not have hope that I will have a better life after losing direction. But who is Jesus? He is my Saviour, and He is The Hope. I am now living for Christ. You should never give up on the mercy of your Lord because of the mistakes you have made. The doors of mercy are always open, and faith in Jesus because we live in the end times.

    Originally posted 2021-07-04 06:35:00.


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